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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tagaytay Activities

So you don't have the time and budget to go to Baguio. Then Visit Tagaytay instead! Located in the Province of Cavite, Tagaytay is popular for the view of Taal Volcano, the smallest volcano in the Philippines (smallest nga ba?)

Tagaytay is also popular for its windy and a little bit cold climate.  It's not as cold as Baguio, but ask the natives of Tagaytay and they will surely tell you it's cold there that their houses require chimneys during the cold season.

Since Tagaytay is not too far from us, we go there on weekdays if we have time.  One can do a lot in a day in Tagaytay. Going there on a date is really romantic.  Going there with family (and a lot of kids)  is extremely fun.

1. Visit Picnic Grove.  Pay the entrance fee of P40.00 (adult) and you can have a whole day of fun! I think the entrance fee is free for kids 4 years old and below. 

Batman flying, not in Gotham City but in Tagaytay City!
 At Picnic Grove, you can go fly a kite (kites are for sale at P150.00 each), have a picnic (they have grilling stations there), go horseback riding (P200 per hour for a horse; kids can share and take turns;  P100 for half an hour) or just run around and around and around! Traverse the hanging bridge and enjoy the view!There's even a zipline and a cable car.
Takbuhang walang-sawa
Horseback riding
2. Go to Maharlika Strip and have an eating binge.  There's Chic-boy, Starbucks, Mile High, Antonio's, Terriyaki Boy, Carlos Pizza and lots lots more!

The little boy loving the leche flan at Chic-boy
3. Kids loves zoos.  Let them visit Halfway Drive or more popularly known as Residence Inn or Paradizoo.  Both these zoos have promos that lets one visit both zoos for the price of one (or at a discounted price?!).  Kids can feed the animals here!

4.  Before going home, visit Mahogany Market... I have a previous post here about my " finds " at Mahogany Market.  One can get fruits and veggies at a cheap price here; and beef too!  There are eateries there that offer Bulalo.  But careful, while fruits and veggies are cheap, the food offerings at Mahogany and in Maharlika Strip are a bit steep. (Maybe they're compensating for the high rent)

Bulalo Galore!!!
5.  Cap your day with a visit Pink Sisters. This is the Convent of the Divine Mercy, a Catholic monastery, where the nuns wear pink. As soon as you enter the chapel, a peaceful kind of silence greets you and the need to kneel and pray engulfs you.   In the center is the monstrance, containing the exposed Host. Every four o'clock in the afternoon, on weekends, is their "Vespers", an evening prayer.Listen to their voices sing and you will feel like you are among angels in this holy place.

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