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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Change up your style with Firmoo Free Glasses for May + Giveaway

I love May! 

In the Philippines, May is the Month of Mother Mary, the month of the Flores de Mayo Festival (Flowers of May).  It is celebrated with a parade of men and women (even children) dressed like queens and kings.  It depicts the legend about St. Helene (Reyna Elena) looking for Christ's cross.

I remember being a little girl, parading in the streets in a pretty gown provided by a neighbor. I think I was 5 then.  Suddenly (it was late afternoon) a dog barked loudly and I literally jumped into the hands of my uncle and did not want to finish the parade anymore. Hahaha.

Here's another reason why I love May: Firmoo has updated their New Arrivals for May and you may have the chance to get yours for FREE!

We like freebies, right?

Spring and summer always have great fashion trends, but it can be frustrating when you already have a nice dress or outfit to wear but can never seem to find the right pair of accessories to go with it. Wearing glasses is another new trend, so don't be shy to rock your prescription lenses in very cool frames this season!

Firmoo is here to make your life easier! Firmoo has their innovative First-Pair-Free program, wherein new customers are entitled to receive their very first pair of Firmoo glasses for free! Isn't that an amazing deal? You can find the new arrivals added for May. You only need to pay shipping costs!

Check out some small samples of the new updated shades for May here.

Oversize frame:
Check Firmoo's glasses here 
Check Firmoo's glasses here 
Rectangle frame:
Check Firmoo's glasses here 
Check Firmoo's glasses here 
Vintage style:
Check Firmoo's glasses here 
Check Firmoo's glasses here 
Nerdy style:
Check Firmoo's glasses here 
Check Firmoo's glasses here 
Still not sure that eyewear can be fashionable? Then check out how some of these fashionistas style them:
Check Firmoo's glasses here 
Check Firmoo's glasses here 
Check Firmoo's glasses here 
Check Firmoo's glasses here 
Check Firmoo's glasses here 
Check Firmoo's glasses here 

(The above model photos are all derived from Firmoo+.)

I am telling you, I had two wrap-around glasses from Firmoo already and I am every satisfied with my pair.
My friends are begging me to give it to them.  Not only are Firmoo's glasses fashionable, but they are also affordable. There's a lot you can choose from. The glasses also come with a kit (mini screwdriver plus pouch and plastic case) so that you won't find it hard to repair your glasses in case you need to adjust them or something.

Now that's what I call value for money.

Firmoo really has glasses for every taste, so what are you waiting for?? Hurry now and get yours, cause limited quantities will be offered!


If I get 50 valid comments here, I would choose a winner to get a free pair of glasses (shipping is free too) of their choose.  Write you email address on the comment and choose your favorite pair here (please put the link of your choice and I'll choose the winner by raffle IF I get 50 valid comments only.

That's it, you have until MAY 28, 2013 to comment.


About Firmoo
Firmoo is the World's Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices which start at 8 dollars. For this reason, we have gained a solid reputation and trust from 580,000+ fans on Facebook & cooperated with 10,000+ bloggers worldwide. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

“Kettle Korn: Poppin’ Fun All The Time!”

Popcorn... Movies... Me.

Movies aren't complete without popcorns.  Ask my hubby and kid to watch a movie without popcorn and you will get an evil stare the could melt even the thickest ice in Greenland.  My family chooses Kettle Korn among the other brands of popcorn. And nothing beats Kettle Korn's Cheese-flavored popcorns.

What's funny is that the more action there is in a movie, my hands try to make a double time bringing popcorn to my mouth too!

Which brings me to another thought.  What if I'm the star in a movie? (And I'm not the one eating popcorn, watching the screen?)

If I were a star in my own movie, first, I would definitely choose to be the "kontrabida" in that movie.

Yep, being a villainess would be a real challenge for me...

...and here's my plot...

A young woman suffers from nightmares,seeing blood all the time but never really finishes the nightmare to discover where the blood comes from.

She starts seeing a psychologist (me!me!me!) who tells her that she is schizophrenic and recommends to young girl's parents that she be left under psychiatric care.

The psychologist continues to "treat" her, and tell the family that she has a long way to go, and recommends that she be under hypnosis, which the young girl's parents agree to. The psychologist pretends that the young girl is not responding to hypnosis.  But, since it's not true, the psychologist hires someone to blackmail the family based on the information she gathered during the hypnosis.

While in the mental institution, the young woman discovers the psychologist's evil schemes and pretends that she isn't getting better so that she will not be able to leave the place.  She crafts a way to catch the psychologist with the help of another patient with manic-depressive disorder, who is also a genius. The young girl also discovers the evil happenings inside the institution perpetrated by the psychologist (me again!).

Turns out, it's the psychologist it's crazier than her patients

Hmmmm... crazy huh!

Maybe I should just leave the writing to the scriptwriters while I do the watching and popcorn munching...

Oh by the way, please visit Kettle Korn's FB page here

Next movie in my list:

Photo credit:

First Ever Giveaway from Firmoo!!!!

I used to just join contests and giveaways and now it's my turn to give back.

So now, I give you, my first ever giveaway courtesy of Firmoo, the world's "Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store" with over 580,000 fans worldwide.  I will raffle off six (6) e-vouchers to be used for purchase of Firmoo glasses.

Allow me first to introduce  Firmoo.

Firmoo combines high quality glasses at an affordable price.  True to its vision, Firmoo ensures its online customers of its aim - Vision and Fashion in a Frugal Way!

There's a multitude of styles in various colors and shapes that you can choose from at  It offers prescription glasses, sunglasses, wrap around glasses, among others, for both men and women.

Firmoo Tinted Glasses
All of Firmoo's eyewear are directly sourced from their affiliate factory, so their price is 85%~90% lower than that in the traditional brick-and-mortar stores. What's more is that despite the lower price, the quality is not compromised.  Firmoo assures its customers that what they are getting are high-quality products though priced lower than other competitors.

Firmoo Sunglasses
Firmoo Sunglasses
I previously blogged about Firmoo here.  A lot of my friends saw my glasses in person and they have nagged me to give my pair to them, but no, no, no.  I love my glasses, so I'll keep 'em.


Did you know Firmoo's eyeglasses can also be made into prescription glasses! Yes yes yo!!! Check it out here!  You may also follow Firmoo's twitter account for its latest offerings. 

So for you to have your own pair, join this contest now!

There will be six winners in this contest who will each receive an E-voucher worth US$20.00. The voucher can be used to purchase a pair glasses at So anybody from the Planet Earth can join because it's an e-voucher!

There's more:  If more than 50 people participate in the contest, Firmoo will be giving out a pair of wrap around sunglasses to one  lucky winner! Firmoo will ship it to your doorstep for free!!!

Before joining, please make sure that you've read the following first:
 1. on how to order: check it out here
 2. to check if Firmoo will deliver to your country: click here.


There is only one mandatory requirement: Choose from among the fashionable wrap around sunglasses here and post the link with you name and email address on the comment below.

(Optional additional one raffle point each)
1. Please like the FB page of Jakie and the Beadstalk
2. Please like the FB page of Firmoo

I will be using Rafflecopter to keep track of your entries. a Rafflecopter giveaway

That's it. Contest starts on May 16, 2013 and ends on May 27, 2013 at 12:01 am.  I will be contacting the winners after two days.  Winners must reply to my email within three (3) days, otherwise, I will be forced to choose another winner.

Thank you!!!!

Friday, May 3, 2013


In 2011, after finding utter disappointment from two (2) major internet providers in the Philippines, hubby went to a Smart Wireless Center and applied for a Canopy Device.  When the unit was delivered,     the installers suggested that we avail of the Wimax instead since the trees around the neighborhood were blocking the signal.

So, they came back later and delivered the Wimax device.  The contract was locked for two years, otherwise, we had to pay pretermination charges.

Photo credit:
On the day that Pacman lost to Marquez, on Dec. 9, 2012, we discovered that we had no internet signal.  This had happened many times before, sometimes lasting for a few hours, and the most was three days. We never a reversal of the charges since it was too much of a hassle to call their customer hotline at *888.  After two or three days of no internet signal (it was forever a running light), we reported the matter to the hotline. The customer service officer merely said to monitor the device for a another 24 hours.  

After a few days, the device was still not working (imagine leaving it plugged, with a running light, 24 hours a day, and I can't use it, but I had to plug it on. The useless consumption of electricity, right?)   When we called the hotline, the officer asked us to bring it to the center for replacement because it was broken.  So hubby went to the Wireless Center to report it and was told that the device will be replace, but to just wait because they had no idea when a device would be available.

So we waited...

And waited...

And waited...

A few weeks after, we called the hotline and asked for an update. Still the same answer- they didn't know when a new device would be available.

After many follows ups, I got a bill for the internet that we could not use. So I called the hotline and they advised me to pay the outstanding balance and have it reversed later.  So I said, "you mean, in the more than one month that we have been waiting for an internet connection, I still have to pay?" "Yes", he said, "but you can have the charges reversed when service resumes."  I asked, "and when may that be?" He said, "he doesn't know." So I said, "please put this in record that we will not pay because there is no internet service. Why pay for a service that you weren't able to use because of the provider's incompetence?

I followed it up to no avail. 

I even sent messages to follow up my reference number to its twitter account @SMARTcares. I never received any reply.  That's how much SMART CARES: it ignores you until you collapse and get tired from all the follow-ups. I've sent emails too and they did not reply. 

To shorten this depressing story, sometime in March we received a notice of disconnection from Smart. Asking us to pay P12,000+++ for the two months that we had no internet plus pre-termination fee of about P10,000.00.

After that, we have been getting text messages from an ADA Law Office.   This afternoon, I received another text message from an office claiming to be the ADA Law Office:

"FINAL SERIOUS DEMAND ( as if we're joking here ----- my addition, not part of the text)

This is A.D.A. Law Office.  Your silence & non response to our previous demands indicates your malicious & unjustified refusal to pay a just and demandable obligation on your SMARTBRO.   Thus we urge you to settle your outstanding obligation until May 05, 2013 from receipt of this message.  (ano daw???)

Otherwise, our law firm will definitely proceed with the filing of appropriate legal action against you pursuant protect the interest of our client SMARTBRO.  Any question (hmm) please call (02) 3818527 and look for MS. DELOS REYES.  thank u"

Previous text messages contained a different contact person, but the same A.D.A. law office. 

I have been checking the list of the law firms in the Philippines and I have yet to see A.D.A. Law Office. If indeed there really is such an office, then that lawyer must be really desperate to get his contingent fee the at he had closed his eyes to the real issue at-hand, and that is, his client (Smart) failed to serve its own client (us).  If it's a collection agency, which I think it is, then I have been hearing bad things about them-- harassment is the most applicable word.  

I even tried calling it this afternoon, introduced myself as a lawyer, and they said they'd make a return call.  Up to now, there's no return call. 

Another push and I'll file a complaint with the National Telecommunications Commission.

Which brings me to one point of thought- the lock-in period should not be imposed by internet providers.  Because even if their service sucks, the consumer is still the one who loses more with the lock-in period.  Add to that, a simple Filipino may get easily harassed by these oppressive telecom giants. The price of technology --- a way for these telecom giants, particularly SMART to milk us for every cent we are worth.

Any of you here who is being harassed by the inefficient Smart too?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kinder Zoo at Manila Zoo - A Photo Story

What can you do with P150.00?

Visit Manila Zoo and Kinder Zoo!

My sister got vouchers through Ensogo for a visit to Kinder Zoo at Manila Zoo.  For only P96.00, a voucher includes entrance to Kinder Zoo plus two activities.  Choose from the following: swimming (unlimited), kiddie zipline, wall climbing, bird feeding, horse back riding and butterfly catching.

But to enter Kinder Zoo, you have to pay the entrance fee  for Manila Zoo first, which is P40.00 for adults and kids above 3 ft., or P20.00 for Manila Residents (this was excluded in the voucher). For senior citizens, entrance to Manila Zoo is free.

If you weren't able to get those vouchers online, then you can go there directly.  Entrance fee is P100 (20% off for senior citizens) and every activity is P50.00.   I think they have a promo, that is, for P250.00 per person, that's unlimited activities for a day. 

Kinder Zoo (again, located inside Manila Zoo) allows visitors to interact with the animals sans cages (except for some birds).  And you know what I like about this, the animals look healthy. Their feathers/fur are shiny and clean. 

Bird feeding
This is my kid's favorite. 
Feeding the cute cockatoo
Kuya is sooo brave.
But he said the one on the right was too heavy,
The little kid behind is a bit excited to touch the feathers of the Toucan
Makes me wanna sing the theme song of "Rio"
Horse back riding  - the space is too little though.
The ride is probably only 10 minutes.
But still, it's more than enough for my kid

Kiddie Zipline. Weeee!!!!
Birds' name - KALAW.I thought at first they were statues.
Then I saw one walking around, following a caretaker. Haha!
Another activity - swimming! 
Tortoise. Don't sit on them though. More of them behind the kids.
Waaaaahhhh!!!! The kid said, "Ugh, stinky mommy!"
I didn't realize that a monkey's fur was really soft
"Mom, it's you! You came back!!!"

1. Bring extra sets of clothes (sets, means more than two) 

2. Bring baon! you can have a picnic inside.  (walang corkage hehe)

3. Bring wet wipes... You will be holding lots of animals and well, you'll be eating later, so, need I explain?

4. Be ready for anything! You're visiting this for your kid/s so make sure they enjoy, within bounds of course, and they learn the importance of nature, and man's relationship with animals. 

5. We didn't know that there's a swimming pool inside. Good thing, I'm a Girl Scout, and I had an extra set of clothes for the little boy. So, sugod sa lublob!!! If your kid opts to go swimming, bring a towel and alcohol and soap. The water's not... so...! But heck, if your kid digs it, go ahead, let him/her have fun!  As the caretaker goes, "Wala silang trunks? Ok lang naka-brief."

Now, that's what you call proper swimming attire!