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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hey Paps!

Hey Paps, I dreamt of you last night. I didn't cry though, because I know you're just around, though out of our sight, and because you told me you are happy right now. I see you've gained weight too!

Somehow, one of the mass cards given to us when you left gives comfort to me. It may just be all words, but there's a message of peace to it.

Don't worry about us, we'll be alright. Just put in a good word for us to the Big Man up there, okay? Love you.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Isang Sulyap sa Cafe Sulyap

Hubby: "Parang gusto kong
magsuot ng barong ah."
It was the first time that my very good friends from DLSU-D were complete in a "gala" and the chosen venue was San Pablo Laguna.

In my previous blog post, I couldn't help gushing about our Lake Pandin boat trip.  For meryenda/pwede-na-ring-dinner, we went to Cafe Sulyap.  It was T who planned and booked our itinerary for the day, and C made the ocular. B made sure we had a ride, and the rest of us just joined (there were also those who didn't actually read the itinerary and had no idea where in particular were we going - you know who you are!).

It's a bed and breakfast place located at Brgy. Del Remedio, Cocoland Compound, San Pablo City, Laguna.  It's really called Sulyap Gallery Cafe and Restaurant - it's just easier to say Cafe Sulyap, right? Anyhoo, when we went there, the restaurant still had to fix our table since there was so many of us and there were only a few tables, and they had to combine two tables to fit us, we explored the surroundings. We went inside a gate (didn't know if it was part of the Cafe, but there was no "NO TRESPASSING" sign, so we proceeded to the swimming pool area. The pool was  really very small, and there was only one table, and there were so many trees around it, it looked like a secret garden.  When I asked the stadd later, she told me that the guests can swim in the pool (free of use if you have an overnight booking and P100.00 for walk-in guests).

The restaurant is a Spanish-era house that was renovated and it  features so many antique artifacts. I could just go on and on about the place, but I'd just let the pictures wow you.

The entrance to the restaurant
Is that Ms. Gloria Romero?
From one of the windows
The little boy loved climbing the trees
The walkway to the pool
The pool 
The pool area - the friends waiting for the tables to be ready
The little boy, enjoying the feel of this amazing place
The comfort room mirror - it smells of vanilla in the CR, heavenly;
and it's open-air sa taas :)
 (with the Yema cake that was not so good, but we bought just to taste.
It is not the same as rodilla's though, priced the same)
We ordered meryenda, since 5 pm seemed too early for dinner.  So we ordered snacks instead:

Pancit Bihon Guisado (P230.00) - without drinks
Cheesy Burger (P230.00) - without drinks
Tulingan Pasta (P230.00) - without drinks
Thanks for letting me steal this picture Atty. R.!
I think this is the Chunky Chicken Sandwich , or is it Tuna?
(P175.00) - without drinks
Since I am not the experimental-type when it comes to food, I only tried the tulingan pasta (malansa), the cheesy burger (pwede na) and the bihon guisado (malinamnam). In short, the food wasn't extra special and hindi ako nabusog- and mahal kasi, tapos konti ang serving, wala pang drinks.

The friends ordered Sago't Gulaman (P75.00), and it was good because it tasted like real panutsa (crude cane sugar) which made it really yummy. The only downside was about half of the glass was ice, and the glass was only 3/4 full. It would have been refreshing, but it's bitin for me.

M, T's daughter, the girl who's now a little lady
While waiting for our food. 
 I took pictures of the menu, so you'd have an idea:

Part of the cafe/gallery is a museum.  According to the staff, the owners decided to open the museum (the building was previously a school - it is right in from of the restaurant) to showcase their antique collection.

I didn't go inside, because it charges P100.00 and I thought it wouldn't be sulit, because we only had a few minutes to spare since it was getting dark already and we didn't want to be too late in getting home.   I like to take my time in exploring the things in museums so I thought, the museum would just be for my next visit.

I would give the place 4.5 smileys.  I couldn't give it 5 smileys because the food was pricey and not really satisfying because I feel that the serving size is too little.  But the place is really nice and well-maintained.  It gives guests a glimpse of history, while enjoying the present.

Sulyap Gallery Cafe and Restaurant is a great place to visit, especially with family and good friends.