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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Massacre of the Filipino Language

With the advent of cellphones (and the limited characters for short message sending), people have resorted to "text-speaks". My eyes tear up when I see text messages such as this one:

"Je je je!  Nkk2wa k. Di q lam y u ngtxt s qin."

Ano daw?????

What's worse is when I see erroneously-spelled Filipino words that we have been taught how to spell since we were in elementary. This is how they are usually mutilated:

NAMIN (us) ---- NAMEN
HINDI (no) ---- HINDE
KULIT (annoying, naughty) --- KULET
SIYA (he, she - basta 3rd person) --- CIA
KAHIT (even if nga ba ito?) --- KAHET
PO (po/opo- to convey respect) --- POE (not the politician nor the late actor) or POH, and sometimes POEH (poehhhh???!)
AYYY (an expression, o linking verb ba ito?) --- Aiiiii!!! (Ha?!)