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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why the choice of words and grammar are very important

I am not a grammar Nazi (though I am slowly turning into one).  One of my reasons for re-checking my grammar is not to feel all high and mighty and superior to the rest of the earthlings, but to be clear about what I want to say or write about. I want people to understand if what I say had already happened, is about to happen or is currently happening.   I make a lot of grammatical mistakes, especially when in a hurry, but I try my very best to make sure that my subject and verb are good friends.  (I love my English teachers: Ms. Badeth Cabico, Sis. Josie Onag, Mrs. Convite- wherever you are, thank you!)

So anyways, while browsing for gift ideas at Lazada, I saw this nice toy:

See the description? Warning: Cannot Eat

Of course I wouldn't buy a toy that would eat my child, so this warning is really very helpful (my teeth are clenched while typing this)! It's a great gift for kids playing and learning (my face is now twisted in horror).

See how important grammar is?

But I will still buy this because it cannot eat my child.  Heheheheh.

Merry Christmas everyone!