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Monday, October 10, 2016

Artsy Craftsy Time at Kiddy arts SM Moa - a Review

This is an honest review of an activity that my kid tried at Moa the other week.

My little boy begged me to allow him to try this fun art/craft thing at SM Moa. The shop has kiddie tables and chairs that kids would use while doing their fun arts/crafts thing.

They've got this cute designs that a kid can fill with colors then bake, then have the feel of a soft, jelly-like output that... I don't know how to describe. Hahahha! (Basta parang dinidikit sa glass/window na decor).

The little boy got a  drawing (about 6x4 inches) which costs P140. The bigger one is P230. Ayaw kong pumayag sa malaki kasi hindi ko naman alam kung anong kakalabasan.

Mr. Hammerhead was his choice