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Monday, October 10, 2016

Artsy Craftsy Time at Kiddy arts SM Moa - a Review

This is an honest review of an activity that my kid tried at Moa the other week.

My little boy begged me to allow him to try this fun art/craft thing at SM Moa. The shop has kiddie tables and chairs that kids would use while doing their fun arts/crafts thing.

They've got this cute designs that a kid can fill with colors then bake, then have the feel of a soft, jelly-like output that... I don't know how to describe. Hahahha! (Basta parang dinidikit sa glass/window na decor).

The little boy got a  drawing (about 6x4 inches) which costs P140. The bigger one is P230. Ayaw kong pumayag sa malaki kasi hindi ko naman alam kung anong kakalabasan.

Mr. Hammerhead was his choice

After choosing a drawing, we gave it to the attendant who peeled it off from the paper (it' rubber paint, we were told), transferred it to an aluminum tray, and baked it in the oven toaster for a few minutes. The smell was disgusting. Buti na lang open yung store nila.

See the attendant? Nakatalikod sa akin
habang hinihintay maluto ang drawing.
Now the drawing is fixed in place. There's a variety of colors on the table so the little boy took a few moments to decide what color his shark will be. He decided that his shark will be colored peach and brown.

The colors/paints  are easy to pour from their tubes/canisters.  The consistency is thin and it's easy to squeeze it out. We found out that it is best to pour a lot, then even it out with cotton buds or toothpicks (which are also provided on the table) to get a thicker color.

This took about 20 minutes or so. The little boy wanted to try more, pero wala nang pera si Inday!

After filling it with colors/paint, we gave it again to the attendant, who baked it in the oven again. After that, she peeled it off from the tray, and the kid had a nice, soft, jelly-like hammerhead with him. We weren't able to take a photo of the finished product, because all our gadgets went empty long before he finished his craft. Sayang. He had fun doing it and carried it with him, even while inside our vehicle.  Even if he fell asleep in the car, he was still holding on to his finished product.

What's sad is that we stopped over to buy some stuff from the grocery and I think he dropped it somewhere there while pushing the cart. We tried looking for it, but we weren't able to find it.

This is a nice activity for kids, so that you can leave them there while doing your shopping. It contributes to their creativity and agility.  The tables and chairs are also cute. This can also be a fun bonding activity with your kids. If you're the crafty type, please get your own design so your kid can have the design all to himself/herself. Just guide them, don't do it yourself.

What I didn't like from the place was that the two attendants were unfriendly and seemed uneager to help. They never explained what to do. When asked how much, one attendant just said the price, without explaining what that drawing was. She just took the payment. We didn't know what to do, so we just gave her the drawing then she started peeling it off, without talking to us. She never offered to explain what she was going to do (not even a good afternoon), and had I not asked, I would not know the reason for baking it. And when this was being explained to me, she talked as if it was such a hard job trying to explain what baking would do to the thing. Parang isang tanong, isang sagot.

They never showed what to do with the tray either. What if I wasn't blessed with common sense- how would I know what to do with the drawing?

The attendants just sat there near the oven toaster, talking with each other, not even bothering to see if we need helpI don't know if they acted like that because my boy has both his parents with him to help him that time. Maybe they are helpful if the kids are just by themselves.

Sad to say, they weren't welcoming, and for a shop that's targeted for kids, that's really off the mark with respect to customer service.

Maybe the owner can remind these attendants to do better at their jobs. It's as if they've put a negative vibe to the active and fun vibe that the kids emit while doing their craft.

Because of that, I can't remember the full name of the shop - I had to check the pictures to see the name. I remember it's in the South side of SM Moa, in front of Ace Hardware ata. And after checking the pics, Kiddy arts pala ang name.

My kid wanted to try another. In fact, they have other crafts for kids available, like puzzles, paper clay, pero because they were unfriendly (at wala na ngang pera si Inday), I decided against  it. Maybe I will change me mind in the future...

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