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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Book Review: UnEnchanted by Chanda Hahn

Here is my honest review of the book:

This is the first book in the Series of An Unfortunate Tale.

Photo credit: Goodreads

I got this book for free, so I am not really complaining. I lost sleep (well, it's actually my afternoon nap) trying to finish this right away.  So it's not really a bad book.

The plot is interesting enough, and brings back the readers to the world of fairy tales. BUT, there were serious editing issues that, at first, I thought were merely typo errors - but these errors were repeated many times, so  they're not just typo errors, but serious grammatical issues.

I wish Mina would be less insecure. Granted, she's a strong gal for facing the challenges head-on.

What I love most about this book is the plot, which I've already mentioned. I also appreciate that it is age-appropriate - very appropriate for the YA (young adult) crowd.  I also appreciate that it's not too long - no lengthy narratives, brooding, etc.   It's quite engaging, that's why I said it's promising.

I noticed that there were parts which I felt needed some more transitional scenes for the reader to better understand what's going on. I hope the rest of the series would be improved - editing-wise- because the plot is really promising.

Oh, let me add... Mina is supposed to complete, like, 200 fairy tales... There were only a few (there were only three, I think, or I maybe I didn't count them) mentioned in the book. Maybe the stories will be in the rest of the series (keeping fingers crossed).

Water Service Interruption Brought to You with Love from Maynilad

Like last year, Maynilad will schedule water interruptions during the Holy Week for maintenance purposes. This is the time to have an excuse for smelling bad.

For the schedule, please check the images below:

Or you may also visit Maynilad's website.

Maynilad is providing the following tips on how to store water safely: 
  • As much as possible, store water in containers that have covers. Water stored in open containers should be used within one or two days. Boil the water if intended for drinking or cooking.
  • Store water in multiple containers, large and small.  Drinking water should be stored in clean and disinfected containers that can be firmly closed.
  • Light and warmth promote algae and bacteria growth, so store containers in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Water stored in plastic containers should be kept away from gasoline, kerosene, pesticides or similar substances because vapors from these products can penetrate plastic.
  • Never store water in containers that were previously used to store toxic substances.
  • Freeze water for additional supply during the water service interruption. Once melted, the ice can be used for cooking or drinking.
  • To avoid water contamination, clean cisterns, drums and overhead tanks before filling them with water.
  • Empty household bleach bottles can be used to store water for cleaning.
  • Use clean food-grade containers to store water for cooking and drinking.
  • Disinfected plastic soda bottles, glass canning jars and juice bottles can be used to store water for drinking and cooking.
For further information regarding the Holy Week water service interruption, affected customers may call the Maynilad Hotline 1626.  

Have a blessed Holy Week.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Na-confuse Ako sa Tindang Bag ni Lazada

I was browsing through Lazada's items, searching for a waterproof bag. Then I saw this:

For a closer look, here's the description:


"Rafting, beach, beach (dalawang beach?), boating, skiing are applicable" (applicable where?)

"Can be used to play at the beach or when drifting, prevent your paraphernalia were immersed in water damage." (HA????)

"When it rains carrying it without fear of being irrigated wet baby, oh!"Yeba! Hindi ko naintindihan!!! Hahahah!  Rice field ba at kailangan ng irrigation? 

Here's another winner description of the product:

"Barrel can be put inside the phone, wallet, camera swimsuit and other items. Is drifting, seaside essential supplies."

So, eto ang pagkakaintindi ko:
1.) Ganun kaliit ang bag- kasya sa phone or wallet! Amazing!! 
2.) May camera swimsuit na pala?
3.) Nagdi-drift ang bag at may dalang essential supplies. Wow, kakaibang ability ito!!!

This is another example of the "annihilation of the English language."

Will I buy it? You know, I'm considering buying one despite the confusing description! Hahahah!

Naman, Lazada, so that your buyers will be properly apprised, please tell your suppliers to provide a decent description of what they are selling.  This is coming from your suki ha!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Visit to Lake Pandin

Last Saturday, my friends and I visited San Pablo City to visit its hidden beauties.  One of our stops was Lake Pandin.

San Pablo City is the City of Seven Lakes because, well, it has seven lakes.

We rented a van so it was not so hard to find the place. Besides, one of our friends had already made an ocular of the place, and besides, she resides in San Pablo City.  About ten minutes from the cathedral, there was a big sign on the left with "Welcome to Lake Pandin."  There's a small parking lot (P50.00) and there are boys who asked us if we want to have a guide to Lake Pandin.  Since our friend knows the way already, we went off on our own.

The trek is about 20 minutes- make it 30 minutes including the chicka, the picture-picture portion, and the occasional stretching in between. We started our trek at around 11 so, the sun was really shining oh so brightly already.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hail to the New Breed of Lawyers

Congratulations to those who passed the 2014 Bar Examinations!

It was a long and arduous task, but you made it!

I especially congratulate Atty. Mark Orline S. Buena -  a former student in college sometime in 2004.

Many years ago,  when someone asked if all the tears and hardwork during law school was worth it when I became a lawyer. I would immediately say, it's not worth it. At that time, I was working for someone whom I felt looked down on the judiciary - totally contrary to my own views and training.

Now, if someone asks me that question, I would say, "Yes, it was worth it!" without hesitation.  You see, if I had not gone to law school, I would not be allowed to teach in college, I would not have met my students (Marian Rivera included), I would not have met Mark.

As early as five years old, I wanted to be a teacher (or a singer). I convinced myself to take up law in college, though I had fleeting thoughts of it in high school. Being waitlisted in the Public Health Program made me decide to take up Political Science. I just wanted to be a teacher and law school made that dream come true.

I remember about four years ago, during our last meeting in an international law class with students taking up Development Studies, the students gave me a choice- leave the room or close my eyes while they do something. I didn't want to stand up, so I closed my eyes. When they let me open it, they had a candle, and what was written on the board was the lyrics of "Thank you" and the whole class sang it to me. I am not really sure which version they sang - Nat King Cole's or Tyler Collins. But it was enough to bring tears to my eyes. It might have been a love song, but the words "thank you" really hit the mark. I have never been thanked like that before in my work as a lawyer.

This morning, I congratulated Mark. You know, after all these years, he kept in touch, an occasional "hi" or "hello" or "how are you" on Yahoo Messenger. And I appreciated it very much.   What brought me tears was when I left him a message this morning when the results came out. He was offline, but I still typed "congrats panero!"

His reply really made me feel warm inside.

Who wouldn't be touched by something like that!

To you Mark, you are one of those rare people whose feet never left the ground while reaching for the stars.  I am so blessed to have met you and thank you so much for affirming my love for teaching. Congratulations Atty. Mark!

Again, is all the hard work worth it? Yes, because if I hadn't studied law, I wouldn't be in this place right now, happy, appreciated and loved.

To all my good friends who were unsuccessful, I don't know what to say to shoo away the bad feeling, but I hope it is enough to say that I know how it feels, trust me.


Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Visit to Bubi Blocks at SM

For his birthday celebration, the little boy chose to play in a play area at SM., so we went looking for one.

As we passed by the ground floor of SM Annex in Dasma, he saw the thousands of buildings blocks lying on the mat and he immediately said he wants to play there. Wish granted!

Imagine sooooo many blocks lying around. I was so tempted to get inside and build me a castle with a moat. But if I stayed there, I was thinking that the little boy wouldn't be as much creative since he would rely on me for ideas. So I let him play with the other kids.

Here are  pics of his playtime!

Lying on a mound of blocks
Look how happy he is!
 The fee is P85 for 30 minutes. "One-to-sawa" play is P125. Not bad eh?If a guardian would like to stay inside, one must pay additional P25. Really affordable!

I don't know if socks are required but I think they are, for obvious reasons,  you know. Imagine if a kid steps on a block, that would be really "ouchie".

I am not sure if Bubi has other play areas in other SM malls. There's one in SM Bacoor. Maybe it has other branches. Try to take your kids there. It's a good and safe place for your kids to be.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Baking Baking! Flower Gumpaste Making

I attended a seminar with Chef Sherwin Masongsong of Papa Bear Cakes in Tagaytay City last February.  It was a beginner's class for flower gumpaste making.  I shared with you that I want to "level-up" on my baking skills, so this is it, pansit!

I had some classmates who were aren't beginners in baking, but it's their first time to try flower gumpaste. So technically, we were all beginners. Pero, ako lang talaga ang kulelat. 

We started at 10 am and finished at 8 pm. Who would have thought this would be really tedious work! And, we were supposed to have additional lessons on sugar veil, and fondant application pero wala nang powers, gabi na! So, Chef Sherwin just did a demo of it.

So here's what we did:

Nuts, I think I deleted my other photos! We started from scratch, mind you - with those little buds. And there was a lot of hanging, and drying, and kneading. Basta, masakit ang katawan ko pag-uwi!

That's the ever approachable
and super galing na Chef Sherwin

Career na ito! Those are cake dummies on my left
Notice that in the above pictures, there was still light in the background. See the picture below, madilim na!!!

My classmates posing with Chef,
while he's busy conditioning my fondant hahahaha
Not only was I lucky to have a very good teacher, my classmates were really nice and accommodating. May nagdala pa ng tuyo pasta! Salamat Abhi. And Arlene made me borrow her veilers, and cutters, tapos I met Rean and Ate Lisa. Basta, I met new friends too.

Chef Sherwin will have upcoming classes for flower gumpaste on March 8 and 29 in Manila and Tagaytay, respectively. Fee in Manila is P3,500, inclusive of ingredients, exclusive of tools, but inclusive of fiesta lunch. Fee in Tagaytay is P2,500 (overlooking pa ang view!).

For inquiries, you may contact him at 0926-621-1228. He also has an FB Page. Just search for Sherwin Aranas Masongsong.

Enroll na! Promise, feeling ko ang galing ko pagkatapos ko. And ang gumpaste niya, edible na, ang ganda pang gamitin.  He didn't scrimp on giving us helpful tips at lalong hindi niya kami ginutom!

Walong oras bago natapos yan!!!! Kaya pala mahal pag binili.
Thanks Chef Sherwin! Here's to more classes with you!

Reva Slippers Sale at 2 Pairs for 100 pesos

I passed by the District in Imus, Cavite, and chanced about the Reva sale of slippers at two pairs for P100 only.   I am not sure if the sale is ongoing in all Reva outlets.

A pair is originally priced at P129, so the 2-for-100 sale is really a great buy.

The designs are limited and the slippers are  for men... and start at size 7.  Since I have big feet, I bought a pair for me (some designs are unisex, kahit panlalake ang itsura, ok lang.  I don't really care because I'll just use this inside the house). I also bought a few more pairs for hubby.  Uh, well, I hoarded, actually since  I was thinking, this can be a good Christmas gift for male relatives. It's so hard to think of gifts to buy for my uncles, cousins, etc, so I thought this would be a good gift idea. (Ang aga bumili ng pamasko diba?)

So, anyway, I bought six pairs. Here they are:

Ay, may magkamukha pala! Hahahaha! 

I hope there's still an ongoing sale this weekend as I will buy more. 

Pencil for Cheating?

Mom's What Do You Think of this Pencil?

Sold at 12 pieces for P39 pesos  

My sis-in-law saw this pencil at Savemore and she bought a pack to show me and to ask me what I think about it.

Yep, it's  a pencil with the multiplication table printed in small fonts.

My opinion is that it is no different from notebooks with the multiplication table printed at the back.
Seen one of those, right?

This can be used for cheating by kids.  I'm not saying they will, but they can!  Copying from the notebook can be quite tricky since you have to turn your notebook, before answering. But, if the multiplication table is already on the pencil, then copying would be much easier, don't you think?

I just hope they are too young and innocent to be thinking of cheating, and I hope by the time they use pencils like these, they've already memorized the multiplication table by then.

What about you, would it be okay for you if your kids use a pencil like this? Me, I don't think I'd let my kid use one of these, for now.