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Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Visit to Bubi Blocks at SM

For his birthday celebration, the little boy chose to play in a play area at SM., so we went looking for one.

As we passed by the ground floor of SM Annex in Dasma, he saw the thousands of buildings blocks lying on the mat and he immediately said he wants to play there. Wish granted!

Imagine sooooo many blocks lying around. I was so tempted to get inside and build me a castle with a moat. But if I stayed there, I was thinking that the little boy wouldn't be as much creative since he would rely on me for ideas. So I let him play with the other kids.

Here are  pics of his playtime!

Lying on a mound of blocks
Look how happy he is!
 The fee is P85 for 30 minutes. "One-to-sawa" play is P125. Not bad eh?If a guardian would like to stay inside, one must pay additional P25. Really affordable!

I don't know if socks are required but I think they are, for obvious reasons,  you know. Imagine if a kid steps on a block, that would be really "ouchie".

I am not sure if Bubi has other play areas in other SM malls. There's one in SM Bacoor. Maybe it has other branches. Try to take your kids there. It's a good and safe place for your kids to be.


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