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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pencil for Cheating?

Mom's What Do You Think of this Pencil?

Sold at 12 pieces for P39 pesos  

My sis-in-law saw this pencil at Savemore and she bought a pack to show me and to ask me what I think about it.

Yep, it's  a pencil with the multiplication table printed in small fonts.

My opinion is that it is no different from notebooks with the multiplication table printed at the back.
Seen one of those, right?

This can be used for cheating by kids.  I'm not saying they will, but they can!  Copying from the notebook can be quite tricky since you have to turn your notebook, before answering. But, if the multiplication table is already on the pencil, then copying would be much easier, don't you think?

I just hope they are too young and innocent to be thinking of cheating, and I hope by the time they use pencils like these, they've already memorized the multiplication table by then.

What about you, would it be okay for you if your kids use a pencil like this? Me, I don't think I'd let my kid use one of these, for now.

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