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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Yummy Diet Day 5

It's Day 5 and I am itching for this to end. hahahahah!!

My food:

Breakfast: Yummy! Except for the chorizo taste because I hate chorizo. I had to take out the chorizo pieces from the omeletter before eating.

Why is the apple bruised again? Natagtag sa biyahe?

Lunch was chicken sausage stew with sauteed cabbage and bits of bacon.

One word: Sarap!!!

Sayang walang kanin. Hahahah! And I am so happy that they used breast part of the chicken.

Dinner was Pork strips and crisped tofu with adobong gulay.

Again, Yummy!!!!

I love day 5! :) 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Yummy Diet - Day 4

After heartbreaking lunch  I got yesterday, I tried to eat my dinner, kasi sayang. But when I got home at 7, the zucchini pasta already smelled off. According to hubby, it still tasted ok, but I decided against eating it.

The meatball puttanesca was yummy. I could tasted some fat from the ground pork, so I had to spit these fatty bits out (which is really a problem for me when I eat spaghetti bolognese, burgers, lumpiang shanghai - or those with ground pork because I can taste it and I can't just swallow it). But it was generally good.

Today's menu is:

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Yummy Diet - Day 3

Here's my food for today :)

It's day three and ever meal is a struggle. This is not because the portions are little, but because I am a picky eater. It's a real challenge for me to try to eat what's on the table sans any other choice. Add to that is there is no rice. I am happy with 1/2 cup of rice every meal, but no rice at all can be quite depressing. hahahah!

Yummy Diet - Day 2

It's my second day with Yummy Diet and tatataraaaaaa...

Monday, April 17, 2017

Yummy Diet - Day 1

I am forever struggling with excess baggage a.k.a. fats, and tried a 5-day meal subscription online. The food serving was so "little" it made me cranky the whole day. My friends ordered theirs and they consumed their food allowance for the entire day before lunch.

photo source

This time, my sister so generously subscribed me to a 3-week diet from Yummy Diet. It's a Low Carb High Protein plan.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


I made this blog to make it an avenue for me to sort my thoughts out. Call it my online diary or something else. It is through this blog that I get to process events that have transpired, or things that somehow clog my mind.

My family complains a lot that I am so busy. My Mama tops the list. She complains that I don't get to do the things she asks me to do because I never have the time. Or, that I keep neglecting my well-being since I am always on the go.


Photo source
The hubby is second on the list. His complaint is mainly due to the fact that I am so forgetful. Because of too many things going on with my life - full-time work, part-time teaching, trying-hard-to-be-hands-on-mommy, sports, household chores, and what-have-yous, my brain is usually in overdrive and things get forgotten in the process. Heck, even my sleep is full of vivid dreams that I wake up each morning still tired because I felt awake the entire time.

My kid asked me something one time. I told him, I cannot answer him yet because I am thinking of something else. After giving me some time, I answered him, and then he asked me again why I had to be given time to think. I told him that it there's a lot in my mind and I had to clear my mind first before I can process his question. He gave me a blank stare. Hahahah!

Happened to me soooo many times!
photo source
Those who know me have witnessed my forgetfulness.  I have fulfilled a lot of favors and asked for a lot too. I know it would be a bummer if you asked a favor from someone and that someone forgot about it.   But once I have said sorry, I don't think that it gives that person any right to berate me, or raise their voice at me.

I always try hard so people would like me. I think it's a great flaw.  For my family, I think they would understand me for who I am. But for the others, it's a different story. After today, I am considering trying to be a bitch, so that next time, I don't have to apologize for my shortcomings anymore. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Quick Visit to Cebu

Work again allowed me to visit my parents' home province: Cebu!

Since we only stayed overnight, we planned on maximizing our two days there (or less than two days, since we had to finish work first). We planned on trekking to Osmena Peak at the south of Cebu then try canyoneering at Badian Falls (Kawasan) the next day. Too bad, it was raining hard so we decided to stick to some places near the City.

We visited the Temple of Leah which is somewhere along the Cebu Transcentral Highway in Cebu City, specifically in Busay. A good friend of a friend drove us there since there is no route for public vehicles there. The Temple of Leah is a tribute of Mr. Teodorico Adarna to his departed wife of 53 years, Leah Villa Albino-Adarna. It's really impressive and inspired by Greek (or is it Roman?) architecture. It is supposed to have 24 chambers, but none of these chambers are open yet.

Am I in Greece or in Rome?

Fish Oil and Fertility

By now, you probably know that fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids are super popular as supplements for all around physical and mental health. Fish oil can help boost energy and assist in improving brain functions and even help in weight loss. But, did you know that fish oil can actually help with fertility as well?

I have been trying to conceive again for the last seven years and upon learning this, I immediately got interested in fish oil.

I bought some Fish Oil this morning :) 

DHA and EPA are two of the essential fatty acids that come from fish oil.  These omega 3's help with blood pressure, inflammation, and much, much more. Your body can use fish oil to help with the production of hormones, and can reduce inflammation, which can be related to infertility. Fish oil has a ton of benefits for both men and women, whether you are trying to conceive or not.

Sounds good, right?!

Fish oil can help with improving circulation to the reproductive hormones, and the great thing is that fish oil can also be used during pregnancy as well. It is one supplement that is safe for women who are trying to conceive and great for women during pregnancy as well. Some women are concenrned with getting too much mercury from fish oil, but taking a purified and processed supplement has been proven safe by the American Pregnancy Association. Make sure to speak with your doctor to make sure that fish oil is a safe and healthy choice for you while trying to conceive and beyond.

Good luck!