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Monday, April 17, 2017

Yummy Diet - Day 1

I am forever struggling with excess baggage a.k.a. fats, and tried a 5-day meal subscription online. The food serving was so "little" it made me cranky the whole day. My friends ordered theirs and they consumed their food allowance for the entire day before lunch.

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This time, my sister so generously subscribed me to a 3-week diet from Yummy Diet. It's a Low Carb High Protein plan.


Breakfast : Korean Pork Stir-Fry with Sunny Side Egg + Coffee - 330 cal

Snack: One Orange - 80 cal

Lunch : Yellow Chicken Adobo with Sauteed Sitaw and Cherry Tomatoes - 320 cal

Snack: Classic Vanilla Panna Cotta - 65 cal

Dinner: Shrimp in Lemon-Garlic Sauce + 3 beans salad - 287 cal

Total calories = 1082

The verdict for today's meal:

Breakfast - who eats Korean pork stir-fry in the morning? How can it be saucy like kaldereta when it's stir-fried? But I have to admit, it's yummy. BUT, may taba yung pork. I wish they removed the pork fat so that what we would get is all-lean meat goodness. Sayang, walang rice.

What's left of my breakfast - lots of  taba.
Lunch - Oh, so it's yellow chicken adobo. Akala ko chicken curry. I liked the taste, but I could still taste the "lansa" from the chicken. It has coconut cream, I think and tasted like curry. I just realized it's adobo now that I am making this entry, after checking the slip of paper inserted in the food.  I love that it's all chicken breast (the only chicken part I like).

The sitaw was "magulang" and a bit yellow green. But, I still finished my food.

Again, no rice.

They've put lots of coffee and tea! Maybe it's their Easter promo. :)

Lotsa beverage!
Wait... it's snack time, I'll get my panna cotta from the ref.

This is the panna cotta. It's not so sweet, and it's creamy! But darn, this is just one tablespoon!!!

Will update later about my dinner...

ooops... I forgot to take a picture of my dinner. It was 3-bean salad a shrimp and lemon garlic sauce.

The verdict - the beans smelled bad... when I ate them, they tasted ok. No flavor at all, which I appreciate for easier swallowing.

The shrimps, about 5-7 small pieces were mushy or "malabsa". It's as if they've been in the ref for some time, then cooked. So they don't taste really fresh. I shared my food with my husband who didn't approve of the shrimps.

So I went to sleep hungry...  

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