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Monday, March 31, 2014

Lea Salonga Performs "Nothing"

I'm on YouTube mode today. Actually, Lea Salonga mode.  Here's another of my favorites: "Nothing" from "A Chorus Line".  Lea Salonga sang this during her Broadway Concert many, many years ago. I bought a CD of this concert about seven years ago, and lent it to a friend seven years ago, who, seven years after, still hasn't returned it to me.  
"Nothing" is a song about how Diana Morales feels about her acting teacher.  Her teacher told her she'd never be an actress.  This is so funny because I've attended acting classes that bordered on insane and corny to nonsense.  This is the perfect song for all those moments.
OMG, this just reminded me now of a Music teacher in elementary who told me I couldn't sing, so I couldn't join the school's singing contest. Memories repressed!

Chess: Someone Else's Story

I'm listening to Lea Salonga's concert featuring Broadway songs right now, and I want to share it with you.

It's from the Musical Chess: New York and is entitled "Someone Else's Story".

 Long ago
In someone else's lifetime
Someone with my name
Who looked a lot like me
Came to know
A man and made a promise
He only had to say
And that's where she would be
Although the feelings run just as deep
The promise she made has grown impossible to keep
And yet I wish it wasn't so
Will he miss me if I go?

In a way
It's someone else's story
I don't see myself
As taking part at all
A girl that I was fond of
Finally could see
The writing on the wall
She realized she'd left him behind
And sadder than that she knew he wouldn't even mind
And though there's nothing left to say
Would he listen if I stay?

It's all very well to say you fool it's now or never
I could be choosing
No choices whatsoever.

I could be
In someone else's story
In someone else's life
And he could be in mine
I don't see
A reason to be lonely
I could take my chances
Further down the line
And if
That girl I knew should ask my advice
Oh I wouldn't hesitate she needn't ask me twice
Go now!
I'd tell her that for free
Trouble is, the girl is me
The story is, the girl is me.

I also posted a Youtube video.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Birthday Blues

I'm supposed to "feel elated or gassy, or somewhere between that zone" but I'm not.
I'm at work on my birthday, and my sister's birthday, and I'm broke because everything is set aside for bills and stuff. And it's enrollment soon.
But then again, if I count all the blessings I have been given, I don't have any right to feel depressed at all.
Lord, thank you for the gift life. Thank you for my wonderful husband and super sweet son. Thank you for my family. Thank you for my parents who decided to have another child 37 years ago.  Thank you for my friends, my work(s), and thank you for always letting me know that You are watching over me and all my loved ones.  Thank you that I have my sister with whom I have been celebrating the same birthday for the past 36 years.
I'm sorry for feeling so sad this morning. I promise to enjoy this special day you gave me.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Baket List

Most people have their bucket lists. While I have mine, I also have the "Baket List" - this is a list of things that I wasn't able to do as an adult, but could have or should have done. It's not really a list detailing what I regret not having done, but something that I wish I had done before, but it's stil possible to accomplish it.

Let me share with you a few things on my Baket List:

1. Enroll in a dance class.

Photo credit:
When I was youngER, I was able to take dance classes during summer.  The dance classes I enrolled in were part of a scholarship that I got and it was something I totally enjoyed. Too bad, I wasn't able to continue because, 1.) I was more focused on voice lessons, and 2.) the scholarship had already ended after three years.

2. Pursue auditioning for Miss Saigon.

'This is what I saw at the tube station.' (Contributed photo)
Photo credit: Yahoo! Philippines
This morning, I read the Rachelle Ann Go's Saigon Diaries. It will chronicle her 14-month stint in London as Gigi of Miss Saigon.  I immediately felt a pang of regret when I read about it. Not because I sing better than her or i'm jealous of her, but because I stopped after two tries of getting in.  It's just that, I didn't try hard enough. Maybe after I lose 40 pounds, I'll audition again. Hahahaha!!
3. Learn how to do a might wallop serve in volleyball, and finger toss.
Photo credit: Pinterest
I love volleyball.  I think I make a pretty good libero, though at the height of my volleyball years, the term "libero" was not yet born.  People my age probably know Leila Barros. I just love love love her!!! I am a good tosser too, but I can't finger toss. While I know how to spike, it's not deadly. I never got the chance to improve my spike because I was busy trying to practice my receive while the other players were busy improving their spikes with me at the receiving end. So, there.

4. Revive my flexibility.

Platform Diving Stretch
Photo credit:
When I was young, I told you I was into dancing, so it wasn't so hard to be flexible.  In college, I had some training in sports that required a lot of stretching for flexibility, so I was able to be Barbie-like for a couple of years or so.  When I stopped training, I also stopped stretching, and I started getting fat, really fat. So now, I can't even reach my toes when I stretch. Why, oh why did I stop stretching? Oh well, now I really have to be disciplined and start stretching.
I still have a lot on my list, but these are just a few that I can share for now.
Do you have a Baket List too? Care to share with me?


What's in a name?
Eight years ago I was one of those hopefuls, to get that coveted "Atty." to attach to my name. Take note of the "period" (".")! My law professors told us students that when somebody completes law school, he or she has earned an ATTY to his or her name.  Passing the bar gives that person the "." to attach to the name. And it is only when he or she has passed the bar exams that such right to use  "ATTY."
Every waking day, during law school, I asked myself this question, "Why? Why am I doing this? Instead of enjoying life, here I am, being tortured."
Eight years later, I have come to realize what the title "Atty." entails.
1.  It is definitely a privilege. People with legal issues look up to lawyers as their solutions to their their legal problems. Lawyers have the capacity to bring significant changes to the lives of people with legal issues.  
2.  Lawyers are in a better position to fight unjust practices.  Because of their education and training, lawyers have the burden of helping bring out into the open the wrongs done in the society.
3. People think highly of lawyers. They think of lawyers as law-abiding citizens since their knowledge of laws allow them to be more prudent in their actions.
4.  Hearing oneself being called "Torni" is not for egotistical purposes. It should serve to remind lawyers of their  sworn duty to promote and ensure that justice is served.  Every time one is addressed "atorni", it should be like a tap on the shoulder or a knock on the head that would say, "Hey, you're job is to make this world a better place by bringing out the truth and ensuring that fair play is observed."
5. While lawyers can charge hefty fees, it doesn't mean that everybody should be charged at the same rate.  True satisfaction comes in being able to help someone in need and that someone has no capacity to return the favor financially. There is no better payment than seeing true gratitude and appreciation in the eyes of a client who has little capacity to pay or even none at all. .
On a lighter side, I have also come to the following realizations:
1. People actually think that all lawyers have a lot of money. I thought so too, that's why I pursued law. But no, it's definitely not true. Lawyers don't have bathtubs full of money.
2. While those from other professions can make a loan in a flash in times of need, lawyers, sadly can't. Credit card companies hate us. Banks are wary of us. So we need to take care of family and friends who have money because in times of need, we can run to them, but not to the banks.
3.  While people think highly of lawyers, the downside is, if the case is really a lost cause, the lawyer is to be blamed, even if that has been explained to the client from the start. Why? Because people are so fixed on thinking that lawyers are the solutions instead of realizing that lawyers are only there to protect whatever rights, if any, are available to them.
4. Not all lawyers twist the facts to serve their clients. There are still lawyers who try to win their case with only honesty in their bags. And they are definitely dwindling in number.
5. Lawyers get abused too. People name drop and use their lawyer's names to serve their needs - to brag, to get credit, to look smart, to threaten another, to intimidate, without the lawyer knowing about it.  Relatives and close friends are usually the culprit here.
6. Filipinos try to get legal consultations at inappropriate times to save on fees. Experience has taught me that sometimes a lawyer is invited to party not really because he/ she is wanted there, but because the host/hostess needs to get  legal advice, and the perfect timing is during lunch or dinner and the lawyer has no chance of escaping and no way of billing the consultation.
7. We Filipinos are thrifty. That also applies to attorney's fees. Instead of paying in cash, clients bring fresh produce instead. That's why, I have convinced myself that it is okay to receive a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables as legal fees. In fact, while this may not be good for the pocket, this is definitely good for the heart.
Oh, and lastly, native chicken and the like are also good alternatives to fresh fruits and vegetables.
To the new lawyers, welcome to the fold. May you always remember that the law profession is a noble profession. You may be disappointed to see that there are those who seem to have forgotten this and as such, demean the profession, but there are still those who still live by and abide by their lawyer's oath. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Bar Exam Results Later

According to the grapevine, the bar exam results for 2013 will be released at 1:30 pm.  According to more whiskers and much haka-haka, the result is that the passing rate is 20%. How true? (Parang blind item lang ano?)

About  5,593 bar applicants were supposed to take the exams. But I've heard of two (2) examinees who were never allowed to complete the four (4) exam days because of... hmmm... let's just say, katigasan ng ulo.

Anyways, to my friends who are waiting for the results this afternoon, good luck, God bless you. 

If you pass, then welcome, mga panyero at panyera. Please don't forget to uphold the profession and that it is a noble one, albeit, controversial because of some rotten tomatoes.

If you don't, wala nang five flunk rule ngayon, kaya try and try and try and try lang!!!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Why Commuting is Bad for My Mental Health

Last Monday, when our office shuttle was still not available (it was fixed for three months), commuting was really tough. I left home at 6 am, and was able to get a ride to Manila at 7:15. I arrived at the office an hour late. While looking out for empty colorum vans (there were no buses where I waited) and jeepeneys, this was the thought that came into my mind:

"(fuming) Pagdating ko ng office, bibili na ako ng condo unit SA TAPAT ng office. Para si little boy, dun na rin sa Manila mag-aaral (eureka!). Malapit na yung school niya, hahatiran ko siya ng lunch, tapos ako na maghahatid at magsusundo sa kanya. Weekends na lang kami uuwi sa bahay. Mamaya, titingnan ko yung condo."

When I finally got a ride and arrived (super late at the office, I looked around. Ay, wala palang condo sa tapat, kasi school yung nasa harap, tapos ospital yung nasa gilid!

The next day,  I couldn't find a van again, and my brain was doing this weird clicking again while trying to get a ride:

"Aha!Bibili na lang ako ng van, ako na magpapasada ng colorum van. Dadaanin ko na lang sa charm pag hinuli ako ng LTO. Tapos hindi na lang ako bibili ng condo."

A mini cooper passed by, driven by a woman (I often see her at this hour, and she's probably on her way to work like me). Take note, I don't know her and where she comes from or where she goes to every morning, I just know her because of the car that she drives. If you saw it, you would really notice the car, and then the driver - because of the car.  My brain went ito overdrive:

"Kakaibiganin ko na lang yan. Aabangan ko siya sa grocery kung saan man siya galing. Tapos sisimplehan ko, hanggang sa malaman niya na pareho kaming pa-Manila pala. Tutal, dalawa lang ang kasya sa kotse niya, sulit pag sakay ako. Ako na magbabayad ng toll fee."

And a vacant jeepney passed by, without me noticing it.   Sheesh...

Good thing, a colorum van arrived, picking up passengers to Manila.

Oh meyn, napa-praning na ako sa biyahe.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Parang May Mali Dito: " Vandalism is Highly Prohibited"

Ever seen these posts/ signs anywhere?

"Thank's God, ok kami... or something like that"

"Bawal Umehi Dito. Magmomolta."

"Posts No Bills."

Basta, alam niyo na kung anong ibig sabihin ko.

So, I'll start posting them because I want to post them (bakit ba? blog ko 'to eh!)

And here's the first:

Hmmmm... Pwede sigurong strictly prohibted or very much prohibited. Pero highly???? Tapos sa office comfort room pa?

O siya, sige na. Bawal magvandal dito.  Period.