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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Baket List

Most people have their bucket lists. While I have mine, I also have the "Baket List" - this is a list of things that I wasn't able to do as an adult, but could have or should have done. It's not really a list detailing what I regret not having done, but something that I wish I had done before, but it's stil possible to accomplish it.

Let me share with you a few things on my Baket List:

1. Enroll in a dance class.

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When I was youngER, I was able to take dance classes during summer.  The dance classes I enrolled in were part of a scholarship that I got and it was something I totally enjoyed. Too bad, I wasn't able to continue because, 1.) I was more focused on voice lessons, and 2.) the scholarship had already ended after three years.

2. Pursue auditioning for Miss Saigon.

'This is what I saw at the tube station.' (Contributed photo)
Photo credit: Yahoo! Philippines
This morning, I read the Rachelle Ann Go's Saigon Diaries. It will chronicle her 14-month stint in London as Gigi of Miss Saigon.  I immediately felt a pang of regret when I read about it. Not because I sing better than her or i'm jealous of her, but because I stopped after two tries of getting in.  It's just that, I didn't try hard enough. Maybe after I lose 40 pounds, I'll audition again. Hahahaha!!
3. Learn how to do a might wallop serve in volleyball, and finger toss.
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I love volleyball.  I think I make a pretty good libero, though at the height of my volleyball years, the term "libero" was not yet born.  People my age probably know Leila Barros. I just love love love her!!! I am a good tosser too, but I can't finger toss. While I know how to spike, it's not deadly. I never got the chance to improve my spike because I was busy trying to practice my receive while the other players were busy improving their spikes with me at the receiving end. So, there.

4. Revive my flexibility.

Platform Diving Stretch
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When I was young, I told you I was into dancing, so it wasn't so hard to be flexible.  In college, I had some training in sports that required a lot of stretching for flexibility, so I was able to be Barbie-like for a couple of years or so.  When I stopped training, I also stopped stretching, and I started getting fat, really fat. So now, I can't even reach my toes when I stretch. Why, oh why did I stop stretching? Oh well, now I really have to be disciplined and start stretching.
I still have a lot on my list, but these are just a few that I can share for now.
Do you have a Baket List too? Care to share with me?


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jaja said...

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