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Sunday, October 18, 2015

More Diving Details

 Hello there!

I forgot to tell you, our fun diving lesson  costs P2,000 per head - inclusive of diving gear, boat ride, introductory lesson and cd (with videos and pictures).  The entire dive (including the ride and lessons) take about 2 hours.  It really costs P3,000.00 each but because it's the lean season, we were able to haggle for a much cheaper price.

I would have preferred diving with Mark Louie Ocheda (he has a Facebook account - he's good), but since we got a cheaper price, we went with this diving instructor and we regretted it because he didn't allow us to swim- he maneuvered us to where he wanted us to go.

Now, I'm looking for a school to get a license (I hope, I can afford it). Any suggestions?

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Boracay as usual is a paradise for me. And I got to try again what used to be in my bucket list for two decades until I tried it a few years ago - DIVING!!!!

Here are some pics:

The reefs are dying!
The great photo bomber-me!
He's not nemo!
While feeding ze feeshes weeth ze hubby

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to view your creations under the sea. 

It's Christmas!

It's beginning to look like Christmas and if the traffic jam is the indicator, then Christmas is really near because traffic is worsening!

I got an early Christmas gift today from a friend, Aby.


Colleen Colored Pencils!!!
Colleen Colored Pencils!!!!!!! 60 pieces!!!! Oh I was just eyeing them yesterday.

First Layer

The second layer including the neons!
 I just love how the neons look!

And a good friend, Atty. Bombet (and Caru), gave me this:

My first hindi "pirated" colouring book! 

Thank you!!! I feel so loved!

Now the question is - when will I find time to color?