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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pan de Ube

 I forgot to each lunch today.  A friend gave a Pan de Ube from Pugon de Pandesal sometime around 11 am.  This gave me a really full stomach that I only feel pangs of hungriness at this time.


The cellphone camera doesn't give it justice.
The bread is full, not too hard, not to soft, but it's not too hard to swallow.  It would have been better if more ube were put on the roll but overall, it's a good eat, especially if it's for free!

Thanks donor!

So on my way home, I dropped by Pan de Manila's branch near home, and bought two of these, along with some bread.  I gave this to my baby, his eyes popped when he saw the appetizing color of the bread, he even tasted it and told me he wants to have this as his baon for school the next day. Coming from him, that's really something because he rarely eats solids and prefers his "milk" in his dedepots (feeding bottle).

Maybe I should buy more...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ang Panday 2

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Yesterday,  I paid for three (3) tickets to a Tagalog Film.  This is my first time to watch a Manila Film Fest entry, and my first time to watch a Tagalog Film on screen in almost eight (8) years.

My husband wanted our baby to watch Panday, since the little guy is quite fond with dragons and he saw the movie's trailer with the dragons.

Well, the script was a little too corny for my taste.  For an adventure film, and a film for kids, there were too many dialogues that could have been taken out.

My baby was enthralled with the CGI effects though. I, too, was impressed with some computer effects, like that portion where Bagwis (is she the dragon?) was on the way to Arlana's world.   I even liked Lizardo's make-up.  And Marian Rivera is really pleasing to the eyes. Of cours, Iza Calzado is beautiful too.

But the acting of a lot of the characters were too corny, like Panday's Lolo.  Does he really have to do that thing with his mouth (puckering down), while talking, to emphasize that he is old?

I would have loved too, if the editing were improved.  There were scenes that just appeared out of nowhere, or scenes just popped out without sufficient transition effects.

Finally, I would have enjoyed the film if the fight scenes were longer.  There were a lot of dragons in the end, when they decided to fight for  justice and peace, but, I didn't see them really fight.  The film could have added more of that, since the computer effects would be a waste if not maximized.

But in the end, my son enjoyed And Panday 2, notwithstanding his bored moments, which were a lot. And the fact that he enjoyed, convinced me a little that the 465 pesos I paid for our tickets were "sulit".

Oh, by the way, another moviegoer sitting beside me commented that Bagwis looked like Eragon. What do you think?

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Undomesticated Goddess

I'm never really a domesticated mom.

Yesterday, our helper did not appear for work. She stays out and comes in at around 7 or 8 or later (although our  agreement was that she would come in at 6 am) and leaves at 6.  She has been with us for only three months and I have already forgotten how many times she did not appear for work and not once did she tell us beforehand that she isn't planning to report the next day.

So, I was feeling like a good ol' housewife yesterday and started to wash the dishes.  I then washed my baby's feeding bottles, put them on the big pot for sterilizing, put it on the stove, and washed some more dishes.

A few minutes later, I heard some hissing and smelled something burning.  Arrgggghh, the bottles!!! I forgot to put water first before I turned on the stove.  And too late, everything was melted.  I couldn't even take them out of the pot anymore. Haaaaayyyy.

This work's all on me. Very original. 

Bye bottles, bye pot, bye bottle keeper

Funny thing is, I told my baby that I'm sorry I burned his bottles. He asked why. I said, because I forgot to put water on the pot before I turned on the stove. He said, "Hay naku!" and went outside to check his bottles. Hahaahaha!

So we went later to the mall to buy new bottles. When I gave it to him, he screamed with delight, "WOOOOWWWW!!!" My baby is still a baby.

Absent-minded? Or really an undomesticated goddess?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Party

For our office Christmas party, our theme was a Magical Christmas. Each wing in the office picked a separate theme on which the decor of each wing would depend and the costumes of each employee would be based.

On that special day, I was so amazed that almost everyone "exposed" the kid in them to reminisce their youths.  I was also awe-struck at the creativity they've put in their costumes.  

So allow me to share some of our photos courtesy of Bless Caballero Photography:

The Disney Wing
The Cartoon Network Wing
The Flinstones! They even have a car!!!
I know they are anime characters,
I just forgot which cartoon series

Kung may Dora...
...may Diego!!!
Sailor moon!
The Superheroes Wing!
The Anime/Computer Games Wing
Harlequin and Joker
The Super Villains Wing!

At least, for a day, we forgot all about work, and everything else as we pretended we were part of a magical world we see on TV, err, well, all of us, except for Brucey here (Finding Nemo) who had a venomous and clingy "friend" that day.

Fish are friends, not food.

Have a great year my friends!!!!

DIY Wall-E for you and your kid

Happy New Year!!!

I posted here my plan to make a Wall-E costume during our office Christmas party.   I promised that I will post pictures my first ever-costume creation in my blog.  Please note that this can be a great family project for you and your kid/s! It's very easy to make, your kid/s can relate to the character and it's fun. 

After browsing several pictures and getting ideas online on how to make my costume,  I got a discarded box and started from there.   My hubby and kid colored it rusty brown (used poster paints - golden yellow, brown and silver) and added a sort of egg carton material (got it from the box cushioning a printer when it was delivered a few months ago).  They used an old toothbrush to paint it, and oh, their hands too!

For my eyes, I bought a headband, attached rolled cardboards, inserted a plastic canister on each "eye" and painted it black, and tinkered with it so it won't slip or fall.  I used masking tape to attach them firmly on the headband.

For my hands, I just cut out some more discarded cardboard and asked my "painters" to paint them the same colors that they used for the body.  I added some silver foil for the hands.

For the tire tracks of the costume, I just shaped more carton boxes, and fastened it on the body using paper fasteners (they're sturdier than any glue, rugby or tape), and again painted it.  I'd advise that if your kid is below 8 years old, then use the plastic fasteners and not the steel ones as they can hurt their hands with the material.

Hi, I'm Wall-E. Me introducing myself.  

Here's the interesting part:  Aside from the poster paints and the headband, all of the materials used were recycled.

Well, for a first time, I'm very, very satisfied with my Wall- E costume.  I think the real Wall-E below would quite agree.   (Too bad, my hubby and baby did want to have their pics taken with this on. They thought I looked good on it and didn't want to steal the spotlight from me.)

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