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Sunday, January 1, 2012

DIY Wall-E for you and your kid

Happy New Year!!!

I posted here my plan to make a Wall-E costume during our office Christmas party.   I promised that I will post pictures my first ever-costume creation in my blog.  Please note that this can be a great family project for you and your kid/s! It's very easy to make, your kid/s can relate to the character and it's fun. 

After browsing several pictures and getting ideas online on how to make my costume,  I got a discarded box and started from there.   My hubby and kid colored it rusty brown (used poster paints - golden yellow, brown and silver) and added a sort of egg carton material (got it from the box cushioning a printer when it was delivered a few months ago).  They used an old toothbrush to paint it, and oh, their hands too!

For my eyes, I bought a headband, attached rolled cardboards, inserted a plastic canister on each "eye" and painted it black, and tinkered with it so it won't slip or fall.  I used masking tape to attach them firmly on the headband.

For my hands, I just cut out some more discarded cardboard and asked my "painters" to paint them the same colors that they used for the body.  I added some silver foil for the hands.

For the tire tracks of the costume, I just shaped more carton boxes, and fastened it on the body using paper fasteners (they're sturdier than any glue, rugby or tape), and again painted it.  I'd advise that if your kid is below 8 years old, then use the plastic fasteners and not the steel ones as they can hurt their hands with the material.

Hi, I'm Wall-E. Me introducing myself.  

Here's the interesting part:  Aside from the poster paints and the headband, all of the materials used were recycled.

Well, for a first time, I'm very, very satisfied with my Wall- E costume.  I think the real Wall-E below would quite agree.   (Too bad, my hubby and baby did want to have their pics taken with this on. They thought I looked good on it and didn't want to steal the spotlight from me.)

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Ge said...

Very creative. Next time home made na costumes ni Bachie! :)

jakie and the beadstalk said...

thanks! grabe, todo effort ako diyan hahhaa. sayang nga lang, iilan lang sa office ang nakakakilala kay wall-e.

blahblahblogchef said...

e-wall!!!! ngayon ko lang ito nakita...