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Monday, January 2, 2012

Undomesticated Goddess

I'm never really a domesticated mom.

Yesterday, our helper did not appear for work. She stays out and comes in at around 7 or 8 or later (although our  agreement was that she would come in at 6 am) and leaves at 6.  She has been with us for only three months and I have already forgotten how many times she did not appear for work and not once did she tell us beforehand that she isn't planning to report the next day.

So, I was feeling like a good ol' housewife yesterday and started to wash the dishes.  I then washed my baby's feeding bottles, put them on the big pot for sterilizing, put it on the stove, and washed some more dishes.

A few minutes later, I heard some hissing and smelled something burning.  Arrgggghh, the bottles!!! I forgot to put water first before I turned on the stove.  And too late, everything was melted.  I couldn't even take them out of the pot anymore. Haaaaayyyy.

This work's all on me. Very original. 

Bye bottles, bye pot, bye bottle keeper

Funny thing is, I told my baby that I'm sorry I burned his bottles. He asked why. I said, because I forgot to put water on the pot before I turned on the stove. He said, "Hay naku!" and went outside to check his bottles. Hahaahaha!

So we went later to the mall to buy new bottles. When I gave it to him, he screamed with delight, "WOOOOWWWW!!!" My baby is still a baby.

Absent-minded? Or really an undomesticated goddess?


Ge said...

Hahaha! Continue making beads and decisions, you're better off with those. Wawa naman ang bottles!

jaja said...

hahaha. oo nga, yun na ng alang ang gagawin ko! haaay! hahahaha