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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pan de Ube

 I forgot to each lunch today.  A friend gave a Pan de Ube from Pugon de Pandesal sometime around 11 am.  This gave me a really full stomach that I only feel pangs of hungriness at this time.


The cellphone camera doesn't give it justice.
The bread is full, not too hard, not to soft, but it's not too hard to swallow.  It would have been better if more ube were put on the roll but overall, it's a good eat, especially if it's for free!

Thanks donor!

So on my way home, I dropped by Pan de Manila's branch near home, and bought two of these, along with some bread.  I gave this to my baby, his eyes popped when he saw the appetizing color of the bread, he even tasted it and told me he wants to have this as his baon for school the next day. Coming from him, that's really something because he rarely eats solids and prefers his "milk" in his dedepots (feeding bottle).

Maybe I should buy more...

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