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Monday, February 6, 2012


I have always been mesmerized by clouds.  No day passes by that I don't look at the sky and marvel at whatever cloud formation is up there for me to see. 

A recent trip to Cebu all by myself made me focus all my attention to the clouds as we were traversing the sky.

Pretending that I was a photographer (with a point and shoot camera-haha), I clicked and clicked on my camera until I drained its battery.   Here are some of my pictures. (Note: Some of the pictures were fixed using the edit feature in windows feature gallery.  Only the colors, the size, brightness and contrast were edited.  Some were just autofixed.)

Looks like im taking a shot from a plane that's flying higher than that other plane, huh!

Shot from the plane's window

Looks like the clouds parted in the middle to let someone pass by

my baby asked me, "mommy, is that snow?"

So tranquil

I wonder how the birds manage not to get dizzy while they are turning mid-air

looks like three angels are standing up with their arms raised forward

A giant cloud popcorn

this reminds me of baking- cream butter and sugar until fluffy and looking like clouds

it's almost dark

I was trying to catch the sea, peeping between clouds.
 Then I spotted this cloud formation, that looked like a crocodile swimming out of the water

Top gun shot eh?
My trip gave me that much needed "me" time and allowed me to reflect on the most basic pleasures in life  - my family, the world where we live in, and the thought that  somewhere up there, someone watches us from behind the clouds.

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