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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Leading the prayer

I was hesitant to enrol my baby to preschool. (He’s in nursery, his first try at school, and in two months, he will be able to finish his first school year!yey!!) It was my papa who is soooo eager to send him to school already. Thinking and believing that he is ready for school – he can communicate well enough, his speech is straight, he completes his sentences and he knows a lot of stuff already – I enrolled him because I think school would really help his development.  

To my surprise, he can read now! Well, not the difficult sounds, but he can read words now (vowel sounds, and some consonants), and his teacher told me he is a good reader (but he often refuses to write).  He can count too, write a part of his name, and some other things.  Wow, he really is learning a lot! And I thought all he did there was play. Haha.

My baby started school at 3 ½. Before enrolment, he was really, really snobbish.  He still is a bit of a snob when he is not in the mood, but his social skills have tremendously improved.  And I credit that to his interaction with his classmates in school.    

Well anyway, I write this blog to tell the mommies and daddies out there that you will really never be sure if your baby is ready for school. But ready or not, your baby will really have to go to school and what’s important is that you will be there for your little one every step of the way. There will always be those pangs of anxiety and “lazyness” but that’s just because your little one is still small and is, right now, contented with the thought that life is a bliss because of mom and dad and everyone around.   But they have to grow up and learn new things and re-learn some old tricks, and school will help them with that, and of course, with your guidance.

So the next question, should you enrol or not?

It’s up to you. Parents know best. :)

Sleeping time!

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