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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Book Review: The Scariest Haunted House Project Ever!

Photo credit: Smashwords

I won a book from Goodreads, entitled “The Scariest Haunted House Project Ever!” by Gary M. Nelson.
It is very, very entertaining. The plot may seem childish, but I loved it. It’s a book best shared with your little one. My son and I promised that we would read a chapter each night. But we cheated and read two to three chapters each night. This was a great bonding activity for us which allowed us to laugh together, practice reading, make faces at some character’s dialogues, and even get scared together!
The book is the second part of the Project Kids Adventure Series by the same author. The characters are in Middle School, facing the usual dilemma of kids- trying to belong, managing their studies, building friendships, facing their fears, the usual. Now they have a school project and it is to build the scariest Haunted House – Ever!
There are some really exciting parts, and some funny parts too. Really nice!
It’s a good read for kids ages, 6 to 60.  But you have to be young-at-heart to really appreciate this. If you are grouchy, you better read this too so you can have a smile on your face.
It’s available at Smashwords, if you want to buy an e-copy, which I strongly suggest.  Mailing is quite costly if you opt to buy a hardcopy and it would take about two months for it to be delivered from the US. Believe me, I’ve tried, many times. And it will be sent by post, you’d have to still pick it up at the Post Office nearest you and pay a tax (about P50).       
By the way, I got my copy from Mr. Gary M. Nelson, through Goodreads, for an honest review of the book.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dreams and Waking Up Tired

I'm a dreamer, literally and figuratively.

At night, I have these dreams that seem real. I usually remember them when I wake up in the morning. There are time that  I can repeat the dreams in my mind (that I've just dreamed about) and "control" them. Ever experienced that? I don't think I'm explaining myself well here, but I'm really trying. After a long mix of dreams, I wake up tired, as if I hadn't slept at all. And sometimes, it's so hard to get my sleep back!

Anyways, last night I dreamt of Papa. In my dream, he has already passed on but I somehow discovered how to continue talking with him. I was really, really happy! There's like an air bubble hovering in the air when we communicate and so as not to appear like a lunatic (since I'm talking to air), I would pretend to use the phone while talking to him. He told me things about his cases and other unfinished business. He gave me a phone number (which I forgot) and mentioned names (which I forgot too- and I just said, I remember my dreams).  Then I lost contact with him, and somebody else was talking in the air bubble. Then I woke up. Tired.

Anybody got some idea what this is? I don't want to think I'm losing my marbles or that I'm psychic. Do I have a sleep/sleeping disorder? Maybe I'm not resting well, or maybe I'm thinking/ worrying about a LOT of things. It's been going on for years now.

Some are exciting dreams though. Some are frightening. Some are really beautiful. But I still feel tired after waking up.  At least I wake up, diba?

Monday, February 9, 2015

I Found Paradise in El Nido

I was a mermaid in my past life. So when I went to El Nido, in Palawan, I have no other words to say except, El Nido is Paradise!

Here are a few pictures I'd like to share with you in case you haven't been there.

Panoramic view. The camera doesn't give justice to the beauty of the place.
One of the many islands at El Nido
At the entrance to the Big Lagoon 
My sister, in awe of the place
Will post a blog on our itinerary plus expenses soon! Please watch out for it. 

Fisher Price Digital Thermometer: Review

Ever since that old mercury-style thermometer was banned from being used in the Philippines, I have always wanted to buy a digital thermometer. but never came to buying it because, I don't know, I keep on forgetting it? Until, someone gets sick, and that's the time I have to look for a digital thermometer at my Mama's house.

Photo credit:

Now, I have finally bought a thermometer on sale at  Lazada. It's a Fisher-Price Thermometer that was on sale for P175. Originally priced at P250, I thought this was a great deal at 30% off.

The product was carefully packed and bubble wrapped so it wouldn't get broken in transit. And I really appreciate this.

Aside from being digital, it also has a bendable tip... Para kahit maglikot ang anak niyo, pag lagay sa liki-liki, hindi kayo matatakot na bali na siya pagkatanggal niyo. Hehehe! Which I think is a common cause for worry among parents, right?


Oh by the way, it has a vibrating alarm sound after the temperature has been checked, about two minutes from turning on.

This is really a "sulit" buy for me. (I bought another item, a casio watch, at Lazada, also on sale. I combined these two upon checkout so my delivery charge was free even if they came from different suppliers)

If you want to buy, it's still available at  (This is not a sponsored post)