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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Photobook Order- Lost in Transit

When I bought Airasia Tickets last year, I got a voucher for free Photobook from Photobook Philippines. On Dec. 16, 2014, I got a message that my order had already been shipped.  It was valued at P1200.00. I only paid the shipping fee of P150.00.

When I followed it up with Photobook Philippines, around the second week of January, I was told to wait until Jan. 20, 2015. They said that my order does not fall under their 7-day guaranty shipping, as my order would take 10-20 working days (excluding holidays and weekends). They said that if it still hasn't arrived by them, I had to contact them. So, contact them, did I. (Master Yoda, is that you?)

Their email just made me laugh. I've got a weird mind, so if you don't find it funny, it's okay. I just wanted to share with you how my mind really works (crazily, if you have guessed by now).

Take note of the second to the last line...  F/up... I know it must mean follow-up, but considering that my order was deemed to have been lost in transit, F/Up may mean something less...uhm...  child-friendly?! Hahahahah!

Oh, I erased my name and ticket id for security reasons. Sorry, I'm paranoid. May sayad nga eh.

Have a good day!

Baking! Baking!

Sometime in November last year, a friend added me to a Facebook Group that's into baking.  Since I bake from time to time (never fully levelled up though), I was so surprised to be part of that group because the members shared tips to everyone, especially to forever beginners like me.

Because of that renewed passion for baking, which I knew in my heart just is just in the pit of my stomach, dormant, waiting and needing to be awakened, I enrolled in a beginner's baking class.
Here's what was taught/demonstrated (where we helped a bit).

Strawberry Chiffon Cake
 Chocolate Cake 
Ms. Joy of Baker's Bestfriend, demonstrating
how to frost a cake
Caramel Chocolate Cake
Mocha Chiffon Cake
Mazapan de Casuy (my favorite)
Mazapan, Mocha Cake
and Swiss Rolls ("Pianono," sa mga tulad kong sosyal)
Seven (7) cakes for a 6-hour class
My dream: to bake a birthday cake for my little one. Sana bukas magawa ko ito. 

Paris Beach Club

A relative of a relative has a unit at the Azure Urban Resort Residences in Paranaque (it's near Bicutan, actually), so we got the privilege of staying there from time to time.  The place boasts of the Paris Beach Club, a stylish club that integrates entertainment, lifestyle, and dining for its residents. 

I feel so sosyal!!!

What I love most about Azure is the pool.  There are three pools - the wave pool, the lap pool and the kiddie pool. The lap pool has this transparent walling at one side that lets you see the people taking laps. It's like an infinity pool that flows into the wave pool.  The kiddie pool, like the wave pool, has white sand where kids can play and there's a really nice play area for kids in the kiddie pool.  For now, since I can't find my files/pictures, I'll just post pics of the wave pool. To follow na lang yung ibang amenities. (Heheheh!)

At the back is one of the buildings, St. Tropez
 (pronounced as sun-tro-pay... sosyal diba?!)
Panoramic shot of the waves at night
The giant playing in the wave pool
Love the seats on the "beach" - they illuminate in the dark with different colors! I put some sand on top, and tried to doodle... Voila!!! The color on each chair changes every few seconds, by the way.

Trying hard sand artist!
Ang hirap pala nito! Sasali na ako sa Talentadong Pinoy!
I heard that the monthly dues for the place for the relative of the relative costs about P6,000.00 (depending, I think, on the size of the unit). That's why the amenities are this great! Next time, I'll blog about the gym and the children's play station. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

What My 30-minute Lunch Break Yielded

Instead of  having my lunch on lunchbreak which is only 30-minutes short (not 30-minutes long kasi maikli lang), I took a quick bite around 11 - gobbled it up in about 5 minutes, just so I could go check out the sale at Robinson's Ermita.

My sister-in-law, who's also my officemate, asked if we could just take a peep at Marks and Spencer. She went ahead of me, while I waited at the entrance of the shop since I am not a fan of M&S. I went to its side entrance just to tell my sis-in-law that I'll be crossing over to Nine West and it turned out she was looking for me with a frantic look on her face. She said, "Ate, may sale!!"

And I saw a pretty pair of shoes.

And like Cinderella, I tried it on.  AND IT FIT!!!! While it's for sale, I knew in my heart that it would still be out of my budget. Yet when I turned to see the price, I was given hope that maybe I can somehow afford it - but still not part of my budget.  It was 65% off so from P2,450.00, it's now P980.00.

But wait, there's more! (Parang Home TV Shopping) There's additional 20% discount for it.  I was literally drooling, but still doing math in my head (ang budget, and budget, ang budget).

 So, in short, binili ko na din. When I paid to the cashier, the final price is P784.00.  Not bad diba?

What I love most about are the heels and the sole.  I like the thick chunky heels because they're not too high yet since they're chunky, they can support my humongous legs/thigh/buttocks/whole body na nga lang! The insoles are soft too.

This one is size 6 (European size I think). When we left, there's still a size 4, 5, 7 and 7 1/2 for this style. And there still other styles, with some sizes available for each style.

Quota na ako ng shoes for the year! Good thing, our lunch break is only 30-minutes short, otherwise, I'd be leaving Robinson's with an empty wallet (but I think, with an even bigger smile on my face!). Happy!

Titanic Treat at Bigby's in the City of Gold

To start with positive posts - This is the Titanic Treat from Bigby's at Cagayan de Oro. Priced at P888, it has so many scoops of ice cream of different flavors. There's even durian flavor if you want! It's set on a big bowl filled with ice and fruit cocktail. It also has a sprinkling of cookies, chocolate chips and brownies.

There were nine of us who shared this, and we weren't able to finish this dessert at all.

Truly, it's a Titanic Treat!

*If you visit Cagayan de Oro, there 's a Bigby's branch at Centrio Ayala Mall and at the Limketkai Center. 

Happy New Year!

I have neglected my blog for the longest time. If you have been following it, last year was really devastating for the family and the only thing I wanted to write about was about sadness and loss. I was able to post a few blogs, though they were sooooooo hard to construct. I didn't want to burden you with that, so I had to leave blogging temporarily.

I still haven't fully recovered but I am trying. And I hope that in the near future I can write about happy things once again.

A blessed new year to all of us and may this year be much better for all of us. 

God bless you all.