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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Photobook Order- Lost in Transit

When I bought Airasia Tickets last year, I got a voucher for free Photobook from Photobook Philippines. On Dec. 16, 2014, I got a message that my order had already been shipped.  It was valued at P1200.00. I only paid the shipping fee of P150.00.

When I followed it up with Photobook Philippines, around the second week of January, I was told to wait until Jan. 20, 2015. They said that my order does not fall under their 7-day guaranty shipping, as my order would take 10-20 working days (excluding holidays and weekends). They said that if it still hasn't arrived by them, I had to contact them. So, contact them, did I. (Master Yoda, is that you?)

Their email just made me laugh. I've got a weird mind, so if you don't find it funny, it's okay. I just wanted to share with you how my mind really works (crazily, if you have guessed by now).

Take note of the second to the last line...  F/up... I know it must mean follow-up, but considering that my order was deemed to have been lost in transit, F/Up may mean something less...uhm...  child-friendly?! Hahahahah!

Oh, I erased my name and ticket id for security reasons. Sorry, I'm paranoid. May sayad nga eh.

Have a good day!

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