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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Paris Beach Club

A relative of a relative has a unit at the Azure Urban Resort Residences in Paranaque (it's near Bicutan, actually), so we got the privilege of staying there from time to time.  The place boasts of the Paris Beach Club, a stylish club that integrates entertainment, lifestyle, and dining for its residents. 

I feel so sosyal!!!

What I love most about Azure is the pool.  There are three pools - the wave pool, the lap pool and the kiddie pool. The lap pool has this transparent walling at one side that lets you see the people taking laps. It's like an infinity pool that flows into the wave pool.  The kiddie pool, like the wave pool, has white sand where kids can play and there's a really nice play area for kids in the kiddie pool.  For now, since I can't find my files/pictures, I'll just post pics of the wave pool. To follow na lang yung ibang amenities. (Heheheh!)

At the back is one of the buildings, St. Tropez
 (pronounced as sun-tro-pay... sosyal diba?!)
Panoramic shot of the waves at night
The giant playing in the wave pool
Love the seats on the "beach" - they illuminate in the dark with different colors! I put some sand on top, and tried to doodle... Voila!!! The color on each chair changes every few seconds, by the way.

Trying hard sand artist!
Ang hirap pala nito! Sasali na ako sa Talentadong Pinoy!
I heard that the monthly dues for the place for the relative of the relative costs about P6,000.00 (depending, I think, on the size of the unit). That's why the amenities are this great! Next time, I'll blog about the gym and the children's play station. 

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