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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lunch at Secret Recipe

My bestfriend and I had lunch one time at Secret Recipe (Fourth Floor, Robinsons Manila- or was it Fifth Floor? I am not sure, I sort of got lost!) since she was craving for a very spicy soup. She claims that Secret Recipe has one of the spiciest soups she had ever tasted.

Since the serving is too big for one person, she shared the bowl with me, while I opted to avail of their promo: For P99.00, one can order any hot beverage of my choice and a slice of their featured cakes.
Bestest ordered the Noodle in Tom Yum Kung: flat noodles in very spicy sauce with king prawns "daw".  It was spicy, not super spicy, but it also was sour. There were a two cauliflower florettes and two pieces of shrimps - not prawns. It was okay while it was hot, but once the temperature went down, I could no longer finish my soup. It wasn't yummy anymore.  It's a bit pricey for P280 though.

Noodle in Tom Yum Kung

My order - Chocolate Idulgence Cake
 and White Caramel Mocha
The one with the check marks
are the ones included in their P99 promo

My yet-to-be-used bowl. The spoon is not so sparkling clean.
I find it hard to use this spoon for my soup.
I prefer the good ole 'kutsara'
My coffee was really creamy and really good! The temperature was perfect! Like like like!!! As for the cake, well, it's not so yummy. Imagine those cakes that sort of get stuck down the throat? That's what it was. It wasn't moist. But the design was really cute!

Will I go back here? I don't think so (unless the Bestest will 'make libre' moi!).

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

More on Introverts at Work: Tips for Job-Seeking Introverts


I've been in a lot of interviews before. When I first got interviewed for my first real job, I thought I babbled a lot. I was not just nervous, but I also felt that my energy was being drained out of me while the interview was going on. I couldn't explain it, but that's how I felt. Over the years, I felt more confident with my interview. I envy people who exude confidence (but hate it when it's over-the-top).
For some people, an interview could be really stressful. Imagine how an introvert must feel with an interview. So Best Masters Programs came up with the following tips for an introvert who is looking for work:
  1. Don't apologize for being shy. Soft-spoken people are generally considered more trustworthy and showing a timid side won't put off an interviewer.  
  2. Focus on successes during an interview, in your head and out loud. This will help boost your self-confidence.
  3. Make sure to rehearse before an interview, in a mirror or a webcam. You won't be able to know exactly what the interviewer will ask, but it's perfectly acceptable to search for common interview questions and practice your answers.
  4. Practice meditative techniques that will calm you. These can be particularly helpful while you're waiting to be called in for an interview. It doesn't benefit you to sit in the waiting room anxious and thinking negative thoughts.
  5. Always follow up an interview with a thank-you note to your interviewer. Not only is this polite, but it allows you to add any extra information you may have forgotten. Shy, anxious people generally forget certain facts they wanted to get across in an interview.
  6. If you're shy, chances are you've mastered digital communication. If you feel better speaking from a computer keyboard, send your thank you note or any other necessary comments via email. This will show the interviewer that even if you're not particularly eloquent in person, you truly can express yourself in text.  
According to the infographics prepared by Best Masters Programs, many introverts view their shyness as a serious roadblock to success. IT IS NOT A HANDICAP. Nothing can convince a person of their potential like hard evidence. Below is a list, historical and current, of insanely successful introverts who found a way to use their shyness to their advantage.
  • Bill Gates
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Albert Einstein
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Rosa Parks
  • Warren Buffett
  • J.K. Rowling
So for all introverts (like me!) out there, let's conquer our fears and show the world what we got!

Best Masters Programs credits the following sources:
Special thanks to Cara Delany for sharing Best Masters Programs' infographics on introverts.

To view my previous posts on introversion, please check them out here:

Introverts at work
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Introverts at Work

Each of us is different: loud, quiet, aggressive, passive, short, tall, and each of us have a space in this tiny planet. And just because one is an introvert doesn't mean that that person wouldn't succeed in life.
I once posted a blog about introverts. It was from an article from Huffington Post that I chanced by online.  Because of that article, I realized that I am an introvert.

Cara Delany then saw my post and suggested her infographic page to understand more about introverts. So I'm sharing this with you.
Take a look at this infographics prepared by Best Masters Programs:


Not everyone is cut out to be an aggressive sales person or advertising executive. Certain jobs require certain personalities, often people who don't mind being in the limelight and speaking up. But introverts shouldn't be discouraged, as there are plenty of careers suited for them. Let's take a look at some interesting facts regarding introverts and the jobs in which they can thrive.

What is Introversion?

First popularized by psychologist Carl Jung, introversion and extraversion are key personality traits that can help explain behavior. Introverts tend to prefer solo activities, while extraverts prefer interacting with other people. This trait is not always constant--even introverts can behave in extraverted ways at times. Even so, most people fit in one category or the other.
Introverts ...

... feel drained when around large groups of people for too long.
... focus on detail and take time to make judgments due to a difference in information processing.
... prefer quiet, calm working spaces.
... make better one-on-one connections.
... sometimes experience anxiety when speaking to large groups of people.
... are prone to social anxiety disorder.

About 50% - Percentage of introverts in the U.S.

7%-8% - The percentage of people in the U.S. who are estimated to have social anxiety disorder.
It can start when you're young:

1 in 8 - The number of shy teens who are estimated to have social phobia.

The symptoms of severe introversion vary, but these symptoms can lead to difficulty during the job-hunting process. The symptoms can include:
  • Aversion to eye contact
  • Low speaking voice
  • Nervous behaviors or ticks
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Sweating
  • Feelings of nausea and dizziness

Quiet: Introverts on the Job

What Introverts Need

What's it like to be an introvert in an office or at a job site? What do introverts require to thrive and be successful?
  • Quiet, solitary workspaces
  • Minimal necessary human interaction
  • Few group projects/meetings
  • The allowance of headphones for privacy
  • A guarantee that most work can be completed alone
Personal Comment: May I just say that I gave a check for all the above!
95.3% - Percentage of workers who say they'd like a quiet, private environment for concentrated work.

Where They Can Flourish

Not many introverts feel up to doing interview after interview for an indeterminate amount of time. And many might settle for unsatisfying jobs or jobs that they're overqualified for just so they can stay away from working with people.
Being in the right field and having the right credentials can make all the difference. Here are some jobs where introverts may find they will thrive:


Average annual salary: $57,000

Perks: Much of an accountant's work these days requires the use of a computer and nothing else. Though intermittent human interaction is involved, it is minimal. Accountants typically work alone in offices.

Job growth, 2010-2020: 16%

Graphic designer

Average annual salary: $60,000

Perks: Another computer job, though this one offers more creative freedom and flexibility. Many companies hire graphic designers just for logo and pamphlet design. Many graphic designers work freelance or from home.

Job growth, 2010-2020: 13%

Computer programmer

Average annual salary: $74,000

Perks: Writing computer code for pretty much any company in the world doesn't require much human interaction and can sometimes even be done from home. It is a behind-the-scenes kind of job, especially when it is telecommute work.

Job growth, 2010-2020: 12%

Technical writer

Average annual salary: $57,000

Perks: Though many technical writers work in teams, much communication is done through the computer. As work goes through an editing process, most comments and feedback are given electronically. It also requires a lot of research, which one can do alone.

Job growth, 2010-2020: 17%

Medical records technician

Average annual salary: $38,000

Perks: Being any kind of record keeper allows an individual to work by themselves. Medical records technician positions require little to not human interaction at all.

Job growth, 2010-2020: 21%

Dental technician

Average annual salary: $68,960

Perks: Dental technicians can make high salaries while remaining out of the limelight. Though minimal interaction with patients and dentists is a requirement, it is a small part of the job. Plus, they often wear surgical masks, and some introverts find this eases some of their anxieties.

Job growth, 2010-2020: 1%

Personal Comment:  Hmmm, see, there are work people with different types of personality out there. I think it's a misconception that just because someone is shy and prefers to be alone, would not be successful in life. I've been told that many times by people who love me and who wanted me to mingle and make many friends. But, I can say that I am quite happy with how I'm living my life and how my career had turned out.

Best Masters Programs credits the following sources for this infographic:

Thank you, Cara, for sharing this info with me. I'll make another post on introverts soon.

Full credits for this post are given to Best Masters Programs.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sndwch Cke?????

The text craze has invaded the food manufacturing industry!

The other day, hubby and I were in the grocery. I was browsing one shelf for my little one's baon and I saw the yummy-looking picture of a Regent product. It looked Sandwich Cake from afar. It says, "with Chocolate Cream Filling". Hmmmm... So I bought a pack (P60+, me thinks).

I took one with me this morning for my breakfast in the office and I laughed aloud when I saw this:

Yep, it's spelled Sndwch Cke

No wonder kids these days have trouble in Spelling.  The way people text influence how they spell outside the cellphone and the food they bring with them are spelled "text-wise" too.


I'm reconsidering giving this to my little boy. Good thing, I just opened the pack this morning.
Oh by the way, about the taste: imagine toasted mamon? Put a filling in the middle and that's what this tastes like. Not too sweet, not too crumbly.  It's good, actually, save for the spelling of its name.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kinder Zoo Part II

My sister, Momi G., bought vouchers from Metrodeal for another trip to Kinder Zoo. Since she and Kuya weren't able to come with us, it was just hubby, the little boy and I who went there last Sunday.

We didn't visit Manila Zoo anymore but went straight to Kinder Zoo. At first, the kid got scared again because maraming nakakalat na Kalaw birds. They aren't friendly-looking birds - they've got big beaks and big eyes that seem to say, "Try staring at me again of I'll bite you". But once they start hopping and trying to untie your shoelaces, you'd find them really funny.

But the little kid had fun in the Wall Climbing Section (Voucher is P99 pesos, plus two activities which a guest can choose from any of the following: Zipline, Wall Climbing, Swimming, Butterfly Catching, Bird Feeding, Animal Feeding and Horse Back Riding) There was no Fish Spa at the time we visited and I forgot to ask why, but it should have been part of the activities that one can choose from.

Parents, don't be scared. The zipline is just about a meter and a half from the ground.

There's a bell at the top to ring
if one is able to do it
 The Crocky and the Python happily sleeping together on the table.

That's me and the kid, feeding the parrots.

We brought rice and ulam with us. There are tables near the end part of Kinder Zoo that guests can use. Just don't mind the smell of birds, since this is near some bird cages.  Cowboy style lang!

There are no huts, or shaded benches or tables. So be ready if it rains. We were about to leave when there was a sudden heavy downpour. The only shade there was the umbrella/shade on the table where the crocodile and the python were sleeping, and the umbrella on the entrance.  The kid and I chose to stay with the reptiles since there were two seats there and hubby and the caretakers tried to fit themselves in the other umbrella.

Still, it was fun!

Thanks for the vouchers Momi G!

More pics to follow soon...

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Lunch at Tong Yang

Hubby, the kid, and my bestest, Caru, went to have lunch at Tong Yang after the kid went trick-or-treating in the office. It's my second time there, the first time, when Caru and I celebrated her birthday in advance.

Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu and Barbecue Restaurant offers eat-all-you-can for P399 (all-in), no service charge.  It already includes drink-all-you-can (beer included).  (As if it is possible to eat as much and drink as much in a span of a couple of hours! I'd be immediately dead if I do that) Kids rate is P200.

Soup on the left, grill on the right

Here are my observations:

Smiley Faces:

1. The place looks clean.

The raw section. On the far corner are the cooked dishes.
2. We were welcomed by a friendly receptionist.
3. There was a good variety of choices to cook over the grill.
4. The price was reasonable.
5. The raw food are fresh.

The fresh seafoods available for grillin'.
I didn't take photos of three more sides of the area.

6. There are different fresh green leafy vegetables available.
7. Love the soup (Chicken Satay, which is Spicy, and Sinigang)

One gets two choose two kinds of soups out of three choices:
Chicken Satay, Nilaga, and Sinigang

During our first visit, we chose Chicken Satay Soup
and Bulalo/Nilaga

8. Their coffee is good!! And you brew it yourself! Love their coffee/espresso maker - high tech for my taste!
9. Drinks include four seasons, pineapple, mango, coffee, tea, beer.
10. Ice cream choices are chocolate, melon and strawberry.
11. There were cake slices (saw the box where the cakes where taken out from, they're from Goldilocks).
12. The beef strips are gooooood! (They can be added to the soup, or grilled)

Fruits and Desserts Section
12. No Service Charge!
13. The crew replaced our griller after cooking our first batch of food since it's coated with burnt food already.

Smokin' Hot!

Sad faces:

1. The servers were not friendly in the two times I've been there (except the guy who gave us soups at the start, and who would help us with the grill).  I asked one server near the beef strips section (near the ice cream) for help to scoop the ice cream since it was too frozen, and he just gave me a cup for the ice cream. And he immediately turned his back on me. When I asked the guy in the beef strips section where I can get beef, he got something from one of the counters and gave me a plate of beef strips - without even acknowledging my question. Seemed a bit rude no?
2. The ice creams are rock-hard, literally! I could only get about a tablespoon of ice cream, total because it was THAT hard! And even if I asked for help from the servers, the guys did not even acknolwedge me. I don't know, I asked two guys if there were any ice cream that weren't too frozen it and both didn't seem to hear me.
3. They only bring out several shrimps for grilling. Considering that I went there for the shrimps, I was disappointed.  You would have to wait many many many minutes (about 15 minutes) before they refill it. And since only few are brought out, you cannot really grab as much as you can as there are still others who would want to have shrimps too.  I asked a server to refill the shrimp platter and he also didn't seem to hear me. Maybe working there can cause deafness.
4. During my second visit, there were fewer cooked food available. About five dishes only, I guess.
5. There was no plain rice. The little boy didn't like the Yang Chow Fried Rice, so we asked if there was plain rice. The server said there was, but it was inside. (What??? They don't display it?) Anyways, he got a cup of rice for my little one.

6. Very few fruit selections. Though I loved the rambutan.

I give it three smiley faces. I would have been satisfied with the grilling choices, but because in the two times I've been there, they seem to scrimp on the shrimps, then I gave them a lower rating than what I would have given them which should have been four smiley faces.  Also, I don't enjoy having an eat-all-you-can feast with unfriendly servers. It sort of pops the fun in it.

Will I come back? Maybe. Only if Caru convinces me.

Pahabol:  (Tongue twister again. Say ten times as fast as you can: scrimp on the shrimps, scrimps on the shrimps, scrimp on the shrimps, scrimp on the shrimps...)

My First Pair(s) of My Own Skechers

I never bought any pair of Skechers since it's too expensive for my taste. Last year, Tita Lena, my former officemate,  saw me dragging my foot and she asked why. I told her my shoe just disintegrated and I had no extra pair. She said, come to my office, and I'll give you a pair. And she gave me one of her favorite pair of Skechers. Yey!!!!  Though it's a little tight, I love it and I wear it as much as I can. (Thanks Tita Lena!)

Last Sunday, while strolling in the mall, I saw a sign outside Skechers' Shop: "Sale up to 70% off".  Sucker as I am to sales and bargains, I told my sister-in-law, Donna, to check it out. And we were so flabbergasted because some shoes were on sale and get this, at a marked down price of 795 pesos (P795)! Weee!!

So we were off to find a pair that would fit us and I am so proud to tell you that I bought two pairs (both at P795 each)! Har Har Har!!! 

Here they are. Drum roll please... Tadaaaaaa!!!

Original Price was P5998

Original Price was P4995

Yep, I've got giant feet

It is the shape-up model that was released in 2010 I guess... These pairs are supposed to improve posture and aids in more weight loss when used during exercise. There's a CD in each pair purchased. (Tongue twister, say ten times in 10 seconds, "pair purchased, pair purchased, pair purchased, pair purchased, pair purchased)
I'm kuripot. I want value for my money so I bought these two. I don't care if they're out of season. I like Skechers because its shoes are sturdy and trendy.
Ooooohhh, me so happy!!!