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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kinder Zoo Part II

My sister, Momi G., bought vouchers from Metrodeal for another trip to Kinder Zoo. Since she and Kuya weren't able to come with us, it was just hubby, the little boy and I who went there last Sunday.

We didn't visit Manila Zoo anymore but went straight to Kinder Zoo. At first, the kid got scared again because maraming nakakalat na Kalaw birds. They aren't friendly-looking birds - they've got big beaks and big eyes that seem to say, "Try staring at me again of I'll bite you". But once they start hopping and trying to untie your shoelaces, you'd find them really funny.

But the little kid had fun in the Wall Climbing Section (Voucher is P99 pesos, plus two activities which a guest can choose from any of the following: Zipline, Wall Climbing, Swimming, Butterfly Catching, Bird Feeding, Animal Feeding and Horse Back Riding) There was no Fish Spa at the time we visited and I forgot to ask why, but it should have been part of the activities that one can choose from.

Parents, don't be scared. The zipline is just about a meter and a half from the ground.

There's a bell at the top to ring
if one is able to do it
 The Crocky and the Python happily sleeping together on the table.

That's me and the kid, feeding the parrots.

We brought rice and ulam with us. There are tables near the end part of Kinder Zoo that guests can use. Just don't mind the smell of birds, since this is near some bird cages.  Cowboy style lang!

There are no huts, or shaded benches or tables. So be ready if it rains. We were about to leave when there was a sudden heavy downpour. The only shade there was the umbrella/shade on the table where the crocodile and the python were sleeping, and the umbrella on the entrance.  The kid and I chose to stay with the reptiles since there were two seats there and hubby and the caretakers tried to fit themselves in the other umbrella.

Still, it was fun!

Thanks for the vouchers Momi G!

More pics to follow soon...

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