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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sndwch Cke?????

The text craze has invaded the food manufacturing industry!

The other day, hubby and I were in the grocery. I was browsing one shelf for my little one's baon and I saw the yummy-looking picture of a Regent product. It looked Sandwich Cake from afar. It says, "with Chocolate Cream Filling". Hmmmm... So I bought a pack (P60+, me thinks).

I took one with me this morning for my breakfast in the office and I laughed aloud when I saw this:

Yep, it's spelled Sndwch Cke

No wonder kids these days have trouble in Spelling.  The way people text influence how they spell outside the cellphone and the food they bring with them are spelled "text-wise" too.


I'm reconsidering giving this to my little boy. Good thing, I just opened the pack this morning.
Oh by the way, about the taste: imagine toasted mamon? Put a filling in the middle and that's what this tastes like. Not too sweet, not too crumbly.  It's good, actually, save for the spelling of its name.

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