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Monday, November 4, 2013

My First Pair(s) of My Own Skechers

I never bought any pair of Skechers since it's too expensive for my taste. Last year, Tita Lena, my former officemate,  saw me dragging my foot and she asked why. I told her my shoe just disintegrated and I had no extra pair. She said, come to my office, and I'll give you a pair. And she gave me one of her favorite pair of Skechers. Yey!!!!  Though it's a little tight, I love it and I wear it as much as I can. (Thanks Tita Lena!)

Last Sunday, while strolling in the mall, I saw a sign outside Skechers' Shop: "Sale up to 70% off".  Sucker as I am to sales and bargains, I told my sister-in-law, Donna, to check it out. And we were so flabbergasted because some shoes were on sale and get this, at a marked down price of 795 pesos (P795)! Weee!!

So we were off to find a pair that would fit us and I am so proud to tell you that I bought two pairs (both at P795 each)! Har Har Har!!! 

Here they are. Drum roll please... Tadaaaaaa!!!

Original Price was P5998

Original Price was P4995

Yep, I've got giant feet

It is the shape-up model that was released in 2010 I guess... These pairs are supposed to improve posture and aids in more weight loss when used during exercise. There's a CD in each pair purchased. (Tongue twister, say ten times in 10 seconds, "pair purchased, pair purchased, pair purchased, pair purchased, pair purchased)
I'm kuripot. I want value for my money so I bought these two. I don't care if they're out of season. I like Skechers because its shoes are sturdy and trendy.
Ooooohhh, me so happy!!!



blahblahblogchef said...

huwaw! i never had a pair of skechers.

jaja said...

Ako din, now lang. Si tita Lena lang ang nagbigay sa akin ng Skechers. Hanggang ngayon, buhay pa. Kahit sikip, pinipilit ko pa ring isuot. Hehehehe! Pakisabi nasa blog ko siya. bwahahhahaha

Rae A. said...

Haha, ganun din ako! Lalo na sa damit. Bumibili lang ako twice a year. Yung 2 major sales of the year na puro mga further reduction.

Unless masira talaga yung staples ko like slacks and yung mga basics, di ako bibili :P

Di naman ganun ka-outdated yung itsura ng shoes :P Or baka I'm just consoling myself kasi meron akong similarly designed shoes, haha.

jaja said...

@ Rae- Heheheeh!!!!

Tama, para saan pa ang sale, kung wala tayo na bibili ng mga iyon? Hahaha!

Thanks for the vote of confidence. May kapatid pala ang sapatos ko sa shoe rack mo. :P