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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Thesa gave me these elephant chocolates

My officemate/friend gave me these chocolates this afternoon.  I think she saw my status in my FB that says : terrible headache."

I read somewhere that chocolates can help ease a headache.  And then I read somewhere that chocolates trigger headaches as there's a toxin found in fermented products like cheese and chocolates that causes headaches.  

So, which is correct and what should I believe? 

There's this long-standing joke that goes like this: Chocolate is one the healthiest food in the planet.  Because chocolate came from cacao, and cacao is a fruit, and fruits are healthy, and eating lots of fruit is good for one's health, therefore, eating lots of chocolates is good for us!!!

Because of this joke, I'd rather believe that chocolates are generally good for us. 

My headache's still here and I still am not touching those cute chocolates.  Who knows, chocolate may really cause headaches so, my suffering might be aggravated.  I'll reserve them for my baby instead.   

Thanks Thesa! (Belated happy birthday!)

Cute chocolates stuck on a cardboard
shaped like the ears and trunk of an elephant.
( I wonder where she got these)