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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Baking! Baking!

Sometime in November last year, a friend added me to a Facebook Group that's into baking.  Since I bake from time to time (never fully levelled up though), I was so surprised to be part of that group because the members shared tips to everyone, especially to forever beginners like me.

Because of that renewed passion for baking, which I knew in my heart just is just in the pit of my stomach, dormant, waiting and needing to be awakened, I enrolled in a beginner's baking class.
Here's what was taught/demonstrated (where we helped a bit).

Strawberry Chiffon Cake
 Chocolate Cake 
Ms. Joy of Baker's Bestfriend, demonstrating
how to frost a cake
Caramel Chocolate Cake
Mocha Chiffon Cake
Mazapan de Casuy (my favorite)
Mazapan, Mocha Cake
and Swiss Rolls ("Pianono," sa mga tulad kong sosyal)
Seven (7) cakes for a 6-hour class
My dream: to bake a birthday cake for my little one. Sana bukas magawa ko ito. 


Anonymous said...

I almost enrolled myself in culinary school last year, yung pang beginners lang. Kaso daw, if I'm not that serious about it, I should think about it because the chefs are strict and OC.

Naisip ko, gusto ko lang naman matutunan, mga every day pang-pinoy ulam, so hanap ako ng mas appropriate. In short, naduwag ako. :P

Anyway goodluck and looking for to your birthday cake post :)


jaja said...

Heheh! Ako kasi, gusto ko lang matuto. Di ko naman pangarap maging top chef, basta masabi ko lang na alam na. Depende na kung gusto ko siyang i-level up in the future diba?

Sana you would have the courage to try next time. Tapos, patikim!

Thanks thanks!!!