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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Anagon's Collection

I was browsing thru blogs the other day, looking out for giveaways/contests for February, when I saw a twit giving a link to this site.  I immediately clicked the link and was brought to a page in multiply that offers accessories/trinkets for sale.  These accessories are made by fashion blogger, Ana Gonzales.

Her creations are unique and really elegant. As an accessories designer myself, I know quality work when I see one and Ana's creations sure are quality stuff.

Here are a few items that she made:

Very Crafty Love Bracelet for Php200

Aren't these to-die-for? Wire Collar Necklace for Php380

Bracelet for a very luck girl named Trisha. See the wirework?
Love Love Love this!!!Php100 only

So if you want really artsy, crafty and very original accessories, browse thru Ana Gonzales' blog here and make sure to check out her collections at  

Happy online shopping!

(Photos are from Ana's multiply account.)


Anagon =) said...

Wow why thank you for this feature! :))

jakie and the beadstalk said...

You're very welcome :)