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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Party

For our office Christmas party, our theme was a Magical Christmas. Each wing in the office picked a separate theme on which the decor of each wing would depend and the costumes of each employee would be based.

On that special day, I was so amazed that almost everyone "exposed" the kid in them to reminisce their youths.  I was also awe-struck at the creativity they've put in their costumes.  

So allow me to share some of our photos courtesy of Bless Caballero Photography:

The Disney Wing
The Cartoon Network Wing
The Flinstones! They even have a car!!!
I know they are anime characters,
I just forgot which cartoon series

Kung may Dora...
...may Diego!!!
Sailor moon!
The Superheroes Wing!
The Anime/Computer Games Wing
Harlequin and Joker
The Super Villains Wing!

At least, for a day, we forgot all about work, and everything else as we pretended we were part of a magical world we see on TV, err, well, all of us, except for Brucey here (Finding Nemo) who had a venomous and clingy "friend" that day.

Fish are friends, not food.

Have a great year my friends!!!!

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