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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Breakfast with Family

I wanted to let my baby play at the Jollibee playland the other morning so we went there.  My baby craved for chicken and rice and gravy so we decided to have breakfast there too.

I tried its baked hash brown to see if it's as tasty as the fried hash brown of Mc Donald's.  Sadly, I felt that it was too bland, and I missed the fatty oil that goes with frying the thing.  But, picture-wise, it looked so good that I decided to post this here.  The palabok also looked good to eat.  Actually, it's the only palabok that I really like (though I can't finish off one serving of it).

The funny thing about the little boy was that, at the time we ordered, the lines were really long, considering it's a big branch and there were many counters, my baby skipped the line, went to the cashier and he said, "pabili po ng chicken and rice and gravy." Hahahahah! The crew was too busy too notice his cuteness though, as my baby was ignored. Kawawa naman.

at P23.00, this is okay
still yummy after all these years

and here he is, with his chicken, rice and gravy. I even asked the crew to pour gravy on the chicken aside from that provided in little canisters

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