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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Sorry, I've been dormant for quite a while.  December has been a really, really busy month and I had no time to update my blog.  Also, I changed my internet provider.  Sun internet was pitiful in my place, so I switched to Smart Wimax.  So far, it has given me good internet service, except for the occasional pathetic signal.  (And I have yet to get my free phone even if they told that I should expect it last week.)

So now, I wish to thank all my family, friends and loved ones for showering us with their love, concern and gifts- lots and lots of them.

I decided to take pictures of some of the gifts, because I have this knack of forgetting who gave what during Christmas.

Here are some of them:
My baby received these gifts from the office - Thanks officemates/friends !!!

Thanks Papa and Mama and Mommy G

Thanks Mama and Papa 

One- year supply of clothes!

Bag  and something naughty from Kris Kringle - Thanks Dennis, tinupad mo ang pangarap ko. hahaha!
Bag with Dog Design - Thanks Edhel

Shorts- cute! Thanks Abby P.
Beyonce Perfume - Thanks Dhang and Jessie!

Toiletry keeper - Thanks Tita Susan
Mini Bag - Thanks Roselle
Thanks Chasen of Chascents for the perfume

Thanks Rhina for the Purse
Thanks Eve for the Chocolate

Thanks Mommy G for the books, toothpaste and the name tag

Baby enjoying his Transformers Nerf-style gun

Enjoying the puzzle from Tito Liboy

Kuya, having fun with Ninong Liboy's puzzle toy
Thanks again, Mama and Papa, for more clothes
Thanks Ninang Ge for the cool watch and shades

Ninang Rhuds, thanks, he loves the bag!

There are still some that I wasn't able to take pictures of, but please remember, they are equally treasured and appreciated.

To my family and friends, thank you.

You bring a piece of heaven here on earth with your love, care  and generosity.  God bless you.

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