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Sunday, October 18, 2015

More Diving Details

 Hello there!

I forgot to tell you, our fun diving lesson  costs P2,000 per head - inclusive of diving gear, boat ride, introductory lesson and cd (with videos and pictures).  The entire dive (including the ride and lessons) take about 2 hours.  It really costs P3,000.00 each but because it's the lean season, we were able to haggle for a much cheaper price.

I would have preferred diving with Mark Louie Ocheda (he has a Facebook account - he's good), but since we got a cheaper price, we went with this diving instructor and we regretted it because he didn't allow us to swim- he maneuvered us to where he wanted us to go.

Now, I'm looking for a school to get a license (I hope, I can afford it). Any suggestions?

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