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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Yummy Diet - Day 4

After heartbreaking lunch  I got yesterday, I tried to eat my dinner, kasi sayang. But when I got home at 7, the zucchini pasta already smelled off. According to hubby, it still tasted ok, but I decided against eating it.

The meatball puttanesca was yummy. I could tasted some fat from the ground pork, so I had to spit these fatty bits out (which is really a problem for me when I eat spaghetti bolognese, burgers, lumpiang shanghai - or those with ground pork because I can taste it and I can't just swallow it). But it was generally good.

Today's menu is:

I really appreciate that it is being delivered directly to the office. At least I get to save time falling in line at the cafeteria. My only concern is the dinner could be compromised since I live far away from work and traffic can sometimes be horrendous.

For breakfast: Mexican beef casserole with salsa and potatoes:
YUMMY!!!! I wish there was more serving. It's soo good! Writing this blog reminds me of my breakfast this morning. GRABE, super sarap! (there still some fatty bits, so I just spat them out hahahah).

Snack: apple

The apple has some bruised parts, but since I'm hungry, I ate it all.

Lunch is Fish in Creamy White Mushroom sauce with green beans. Dinner is Roasted Beef with Shitake mushrooms and bokchoy.

I realized though that beef is harder to digest in the evening, so that's why I decided to eat beef for lunch and fish for dinner.

The beef is very tasty.Some bits are saltier than the rest. It's not so tender (medyo nakipaglaban ang tinidor ko sa ulam ko), but yummy. I didn't get to finish the entire portion because I don't eat shitake mushrooms, and there were parts na "malitid" and the bokchoy smells different. In short, I'm still hungry. I still can't get over the fact that breakfast was soooo good. Now I'm dreaming of nachos, enchiladas and chimichanga!

This will be my dinner. Mushrooms again!!?!?!?

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