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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Yummy Diet - Day 2

It's my second day with Yummy Diet and tatataraaaaaa...

Here's my food for today:

Breakfast: -Halfway into my second beef and bell pepper cup, I couldn't swallow it anymore. Nakakaumay!There were fat in the ground beef which I couldn't help but take out. It's baked, I think, with egg.  The rest are still waiting for me to devour them.

Where's the coffee pala? Ah siguro kaya maraming kape kahapon, pang-one week na yun.

Morning snack is an apple... so I have no concerns about it keeping the doctor away...

Lunch - the herb crusted fish fillet was yummy. I could taste the thyme or was it rosemary? The grilled zucchini with carrots was oily. Paired with the fish fillet, it's ok for me. I wish there was rice! huuhuh! Tiis ako kasi low carb, hi pro eh!

Afternoon snack is yakult - $@^(&@*$^*)&@^$&&%$ Yakult lang??!?!?!?

Dinner looks yummy. I think I am going to eat my dinner around 4 pm before my volleyball game starts because I am soooooo hungry!

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