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Sunday, April 16, 2017


I made this blog to make it an avenue for me to sort my thoughts out. Call it my online diary or something else. It is through this blog that I get to process events that have transpired, or things that somehow clog my mind.

My family complains a lot that I am so busy. My Mama tops the list. She complains that I don't get to do the things she asks me to do because I never have the time. Or, that I keep neglecting my well-being since I am always on the go.


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The hubby is second on the list. His complaint is mainly due to the fact that I am so forgetful. Because of too many things going on with my life - full-time work, part-time teaching, trying-hard-to-be-hands-on-mommy, sports, household chores, and what-have-yous, my brain is usually in overdrive and things get forgotten in the process. Heck, even my sleep is full of vivid dreams that I wake up each morning still tired because I felt awake the entire time.

My kid asked me something one time. I told him, I cannot answer him yet because I am thinking of something else. After giving me some time, I answered him, and then he asked me again why I had to be given time to think. I told him that it there's a lot in my mind and I had to clear my mind first before I can process his question. He gave me a blank stare. Hahahah!

Happened to me soooo many times!
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Those who know me have witnessed my forgetfulness.  I have fulfilled a lot of favors and asked for a lot too. I know it would be a bummer if you asked a favor from someone and that someone forgot about it.   But once I have said sorry, I don't think that it gives that person any right to berate me, or raise their voice at me.

I always try hard so people would like me. I think it's a great flaw.  For my family, I think they would understand me for who I am. But for the others, it's a different story. After today, I am considering trying to be a bitch, so that next time, I don't have to apologize for my shortcomings anymore. 

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