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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Yummy Diet - Day 3

Here's my food for today :)

It's day three and ever meal is a struggle. This is not because the portions are little, but because I am a picky eater. It's a real challenge for me to try to eat what's on the table sans any other choice. Add to that is there is no rice. I am happy with 1/2 cup of rice every meal, but no rice at all can be quite depressing. hahahah!

Breakfast was really really good. Sayang walang rice! But it was really good.  I forgot to get the bagoong sauce from the ref, so I might just use it for something else.

It had generous portions of daing na bangus. Sayang wala akong mapagbigyan ng belly kasi ayaw ko nun. 

Snack was a piece of orange.

Lunch was... I had to go down to the canteen and buy food.

It's supposed to be BBQd chicken with sweet chili garlic sauce and spinach. First, the chicken did not look appetizing. Second, the smell was funky - was it because of the spinach? Third, there was no white chicken meat. I was expecting that since the diet subscription was something for a better diet, they would use lean meat or white meat, depending on what kind of meat was used.  Fourth, there was a blob of fat from chicken, with - wait, are those valves? - I can't describe.  I had assumed that they would try to limit fat in the meals because what would be the point of counting calories when fat is not removed, right?

Also, the sauce looked too much for the chicken pieces. I had to go get my Vicks inhaler because I felt nauseated just trying to decipher which part it came from.

See the valves?

Here's the close-up of the "thing":

My ate is going to kill me. Sasabihin na naman niya, ang arte ko.

But I am looking forward to my snack which is yogurt. Yogurt is safe. Yogurt is good. (zen mode)

Dinner will be meatballs in puttanesca sauce and zucchini pasta.

Twelve more yummy diet days to go...

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