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Monday, March 30, 2015

Na-confuse Ako sa Tindang Bag ni Lazada

I was browsing through Lazada's items, searching for a waterproof bag. Then I saw this:

For a closer look, here's the description:


"Rafting, beach, beach (dalawang beach?), boating, skiing are applicable" (applicable where?)

"Can be used to play at the beach or when drifting, prevent your paraphernalia were immersed in water damage." (HA????)

"When it rains carrying it without fear of being irrigated wet baby, oh!"Yeba! Hindi ko naintindihan!!! Hahahah!  Rice field ba at kailangan ng irrigation? 

Here's another winner description of the product:

"Barrel can be put inside the phone, wallet, camera swimsuit and other items. Is drifting, seaside essential supplies."

So, eto ang pagkakaintindi ko:
1.) Ganun kaliit ang bag- kasya sa phone or wallet! Amazing!! 
2.) May camera swimsuit na pala?
3.) Nagdi-drift ang bag at may dalang essential supplies. Wow, kakaibang ability ito!!!

This is another example of the "annihilation of the English language."

Will I buy it? You know, I'm considering buying one despite the confusing description! Hahahah!

Naman, Lazada, so that your buyers will be properly apprised, please tell your suppliers to provide a decent description of what they are selling.  This is coming from your suki ha!


blahblahblogchef said...

uy, may minessage ako sayo sa facebook. ikaw kaagad naisip ko nung nabasa ko. wahahahahaha

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