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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kinder Zoo at Manila Zoo - A Photo Story

What can you do with P150.00?

Visit Manila Zoo and Kinder Zoo!

My sister got vouchers through Ensogo for a visit to Kinder Zoo at Manila Zoo.  For only P96.00, a voucher includes entrance to Kinder Zoo plus two activities.  Choose from the following: swimming (unlimited), kiddie zipline, wall climbing, bird feeding, horse back riding and butterfly catching.

But to enter Kinder Zoo, you have to pay the entrance fee  for Manila Zoo first, which is P40.00 for adults and kids above 3 ft., or P20.00 for Manila Residents (this was excluded in the voucher). For senior citizens, entrance to Manila Zoo is free.

If you weren't able to get those vouchers online, then you can go there directly.  Entrance fee is P100 (20% off for senior citizens) and every activity is P50.00.   I think they have a promo, that is, for P250.00 per person, that's unlimited activities for a day. 

Kinder Zoo (again, located inside Manila Zoo) allows visitors to interact with the animals sans cages (except for some birds).  And you know what I like about this, the animals look healthy. Their feathers/fur are shiny and clean. 

Bird feeding
This is my kid's favorite. 
Feeding the cute cockatoo
Kuya is sooo brave.
But he said the one on the right was too heavy,
The little kid behind is a bit excited to touch the feathers of the Toucan
Makes me wanna sing the theme song of "Rio"
Horse back riding  - the space is too little though.
The ride is probably only 10 minutes.
But still, it's more than enough for my kid

Kiddie Zipline. Weeee!!!!
Birds' name - KALAW.I thought at first they were statues.
Then I saw one walking around, following a caretaker. Haha!
Another activity - swimming! 
Tortoise. Don't sit on them though. More of them behind the kids.
Waaaaahhhh!!!! The kid said, "Ugh, stinky mommy!"
I didn't realize that a monkey's fur was really soft
"Mom, it's you! You came back!!!"

1. Bring extra sets of clothes (sets, means more than two) 

2. Bring baon! you can have a picnic inside.  (walang corkage hehe)

3. Bring wet wipes... You will be holding lots of animals and well, you'll be eating later, so, need I explain?

4. Be ready for anything! You're visiting this for your kid/s so make sure they enjoy, within bounds of course, and they learn the importance of nature, and man's relationship with animals. 

5. We didn't know that there's a swimming pool inside. Good thing, I'm a Girl Scout, and I had an extra set of clothes for the little boy. So, sugod sa lublob!!! If your kid opts to go swimming, bring a towel and alcohol and soap. The water's not... so...! But heck, if your kid digs it, go ahead, let him/her have fun!  As the caretaker goes, "Wala silang trunks? Ok lang naka-brief."

Now, that's what you call proper swimming attire!


Anonymous said...

Maganda na tlaga ang manila zoo ngayon 2013 compare last 4years ago.

jaja said...

Yes, maganda na po talaga. Thanks for dropping by.

mommy nicquee said...

Thanks for your post.

I thought panget pa rin ang Manila zoo all along.

jaja said...

Thank you Mommy Nicquee- Kinder zoo is near the entrance gate of Manila Zoo - left side. You have to enter the Manila Zoo gate (pay the fee) and Kinder Zoo charges an additional fee because here, you can touch and directly interact with the animals.

Malaki na rin ang inimprove ng Manila Zoo (since nung bata pa ko)... It's less stinky, mukhang mas maluluwag ang cages and there's a big activity area for the kids. Pero mas mukhang healthy-looking ang animals sa Kinder Zoo. Sabi po kasi, it's private owned yata so it's really different from Manila Zoo's management.

Thank you for reading.

Anonymous said...

Meron po bang picnic huts or tables na pupwestuhan kung mgdadala ng food?

jaja said...

sa Kinder Zoo po, walang huts, meron lang table... pero medyo mabantot po. Meron din pong mga upuan sa na nagkalat, pero hindi po ganun kadami. Sa Manila Zoo po, may mga tabls naman at upuan na makakainan. Pwedeng-Pwede pong magbaon basta "cowboy" tayo. :P

Thank you for reading.