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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

“Kettle Korn: Poppin’ Fun All The Time!”

Popcorn... Movies... Me.

Movies aren't complete without popcorns.  Ask my hubby and kid to watch a movie without popcorn and you will get an evil stare the could melt even the thickest ice in Greenland.  My family chooses Kettle Korn among the other brands of popcorn. And nothing beats Kettle Korn's Cheese-flavored popcorns.

What's funny is that the more action there is in a movie, my hands try to make a double time bringing popcorn to my mouth too!

Which brings me to another thought.  What if I'm the star in a movie? (And I'm not the one eating popcorn, watching the screen?)

If I were a star in my own movie, first, I would definitely choose to be the "kontrabida" in that movie.

Yep, being a villainess would be a real challenge for me...

...and here's my plot...

A young woman suffers from nightmares,seeing blood all the time but never really finishes the nightmare to discover where the blood comes from.

She starts seeing a psychologist (me!me!me!) who tells her that she is schizophrenic and recommends to young girl's parents that she be left under psychiatric care.

The psychologist continues to "treat" her, and tell the family that she has a long way to go, and recommends that she be under hypnosis, which the young girl's parents agree to. The psychologist pretends that the young girl is not responding to hypnosis.  But, since it's not true, the psychologist hires someone to blackmail the family based on the information she gathered during the hypnosis.

While in the mental institution, the young woman discovers the psychologist's evil schemes and pretends that she isn't getting better so that she will not be able to leave the place.  She crafts a way to catch the psychologist with the help of another patient with manic-depressive disorder, who is also a genius. The young girl also discovers the evil happenings inside the institution perpetrated by the psychologist (me again!).

Turns out, it's the psychologist it's crazier than her patients

Hmmmm... crazy huh!

Maybe I should just leave the writing to the scriptwriters while I do the watching and popcorn munching...

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blahblahblogchef said...

oh i love popcorn too. try mo yung microwave popcorn light. magugustuhan ni don kasi ayaw nyang pampataba diba? hahaha

jakie and the beadstalk said...

hahahaa. cheese pa din ako!! hahaha, sa popcorn, walang light-light kay don