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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tagaytay Finds

We recently went to Tagaytay to buy beef at the Mahogany Market.  

Buying beef there is really something.  The meat is still warm and even pulsating. (Tumitibok-tibok ang laman!)  (Price: P250 per kilo)

At syempre, hindi pwedeng puro beef lang ang bilhin sa Mahogany.  

Hubby eats veggies voraciously so I bought greens and tomatoes.  Papa likes the raw peanuts.  So I bought these too!

There's the Common Lettuce, Red Romaine
and  Baby Green Romaine
This bag of greens costs P50 only (1/4 kilo)

I bought yellow bell peppers too for only P18 pesos each.

This is almost the size of my palm
While I'm not too fond of tomatoes, I bought them too because they looked good to eat. And I was told that these were grown locally, meaning in Tagaytay.

Cherry tomatoes are sold for P35 for each pack like this
And then I saw the most pretty tomatoes I've ever seen! They're in a vine. I totally forgot what it's called!This is also locally grown and I was told that they don't sell them outside Tagaytay because these beauties are very delicate.  They easily fall of the vine/stem, so one has to be really careful when harvesting or transporting them.  

This whole stem was sold to me for P35.
Anybody who knows what this is called?
 (Pomodorino ba?)
Aside from the usual pineapple (sold at P30 pesos each - haggle - you can buy them at 4 large pieces for P100.00), I bought this:

Persimmon -Tastes like a mix of apple with the texture of a pear
but you have to peel of the skin first.
(Four pieces for P100.00)

Hay, imagine, my P1000.00 went a long, long way! I bought pa bananas, chico, honey and "tank" of sukang kaong (ang laki eh, parang 3 gallons ata yun).

Hubby enjoyed the marketing experience so did the little kid.  Hindi siya natakot sa mga nakasabi na whole cow at mga skull na nakakalat lang sa gilid.  In fact, na-amaze siya. Akala niya nasa museum sya!

So, try visiting Mahogany Market when you visit Tagaytay and you'll be amazed at the various fruit and veggie offerings they have out there. 

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