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Sunday, February 3, 2013

BAKET Liss - Scuba Diving

After 34 years, one of my dreams came true and an item in my bucket list (baket liss) was crossed out : I went scuba diving!

Why I waited for three decades before doing it?
a. sobrang mahal
b. sobrang mahal
c. sobrang mahal
d. (atsaka akala ko walang magkakasya sa akin na wet suit... shhhhhh...)

I talked about this in my previous post. Check it out here.

Why I finally tried it?

Cause my hubby got it cheap. Period.

Before feeling chicken
At first, practicing breathing only through the mouth can be disconcerting.  I told the instructor that I tend to forget to exhale through my mouth, what if I inhale a lungful of water? But he said to just practice it, keep calm and he taught several things and made me practice them many times before we went to the boat to the dive site.

With my cool instructor

I thought at first that I couldn't do it. Everything seemed so hard in shallow water! Then I remembered that hubby tried it the day before and was so happy with the entire experience! Atsaka, mas magaling akong lumangoy sa kanya. Hindi pwedeng hindi ko itutuloy ito!

I told myself, "you crazy girl, you waited your whole life for this and you will back -out? Tsaka sayang, mura na ito!!!!!"

So, I finally did it! I backrolled to the water and next thing I knEw, I was going down, breathing evenly as if suddenly, breathing through a mouthpiece was what I have been doing since birth.  No more hesitations, just pure excitement at what the ocean offers me to see.

  Why nine fingers? It's supposed to be a "hello" sign
from me, kaso may hawak akong plastic na pinaglagyan
ng bread to feed the fish, so I couldn't extend all fingers.

It was 40 minutes of pure heaven.  Swimming in gigantic corals made me realize how tiny I am in this world. While swimming, I thanked God for the opportunity to see His majesty.  And I promised myself that if my son, when he's at the right age, decides to go scuba diving, I'll tell him, "Anak, gora, kahit mahal!"

Whew! I should do this again and finally enroll in a diving class


Anonymous said...

wow congrats, Ja! Now we can claim that we have dived over and under the water. haha, ngek. Sinabihan ka ba ni instructor, "breathe, Jaja, breathe." hahaha. Maybe we should schedule a dive sometime with Cielpot. Pa-assist tayo kay Filmore. Problema lang talaga is when.

jaja said...

thanks thanks! grabe, dream come true natin ito! hehehehe... tama, pa tulong tayo kay F para masaya at mura!!! Hindi ko kaya ang gastos na ito. Timing natin ng weekend? yung weekend after holy week? pwede kaya? kasi wala na akong klase nun.