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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

START THE YEAR RIGHT WITH SULIT.COM.PH + a chance to win from Sulit!

I was telling myself I needed to try to make a "to-do" list and a "to-have" list.  The first, I'm slowly trying to imbibe for my everyday activities and the second is something that I've only done once or twice.

But for the year of the Water Snake, I've decided to really come up with a "to-have" list every year. It should contain all the "material" things that I need for a specific year.  Since it's a "to-have" list, then the list must contain necessities only, not those for my wishful thinking. 

Of course, these things are available at "" so I have included pictures of these items that I really need to have (and also lurv, lurv, lurv to have, ehem, ehem).

Now, first is:
...drum roll please...

1. IPAD!

- I don't mind if it is second generation, so long as it is an Ipad, it's working and it's got all the apps I need like the Safari, iTunes, Facetime, Reminders, Clock, Calendar and the most important -- GAMES!    At least, it's much cheaper than the latest version of the Ipad.

I like this Ipad being offered here: Apple iPad 2 16GB White WIFI white

2. Gas Range -

- I used to burn everything I cooked. It all changed when I started reviewing for my "torture exams".  Since I was getting nauseous reading all the books, I diverted my attention to cooking.  Baking is a different thing though.  When I was still a kid, I remember my mama bringing home goodies and cakes home after her baking classes.  I told myself I want to learn to bake too. So when my sister bought a gas range in 2004, that's when I started baking. I even offer my baked goodies for sale.  Sadly, until now, I still don't have my own "oven" so it is one of my must-have's for this year.  

I think this oven would be perfect:  Oven lagermania with hose and regulator

3.  Bakery Supplies  Bakery Equipment

I am planning to put up my dream of having a Bakery this year.  And I think, this would be one of the necessary equipment that I need. It includes a dough roller, a cake spiral, mixer and slicer.  And I've made a canvass of the different prices of the suppliers -- this one is one of the cheapest.

4.  Bakery Supplies - Cupcake holder (paper/carton).

I love cupcakes. I think they're little pieces of heaven in the mouth. Heheheh. But I haven't sold any of my own cupcakes since I don't have a sturdy cupcake holder.  Since I live in the South of Manila, commuting to the North of  Manila with 50 pieces of cupcakes will be nightmarish for me without a sturdy cupcake holder, box and other essentials. 

This one is good:  12 pcs. Cupcake Holder

5.  When a friend got married, I made cupcakes for her since she lives not too far from me.  But I had a hard  time looking for a sturdy cupcake stand, so I just asked my papa to make one for me.  Good thing, Sulit has great offerings from its members and I found this:  

5 Tier Cupcake Holder - pretty eh?

6. Since I'm into baking, there's still lot of stuff that I need. Like a supplier of eggs. You cannot imagine how many trays of eggs I use when there is an occasion.  So I need a supplier of eggs who can offer them at a great price. Since I will be new in the business, I would need all the discounts and freebies that I can get. 

Hmmm. How about this one:  Eggs Farm Fresh We Supply Angeles City, Mabalacat, Bamban, Capas 

7.  I also need a supplier of flour! I use up about 5 kilos of flour every week (during occasions) so, I have to get someone who could supply me with flour with a discount.  This one's pretty lower from my usual supplier:

Flour Supply at P880.00 per sack? Not bad.

8. I love almonds.  I seldom use them for baking, since they are costly.  I just love roasting them with a little salt, and gobble them up as a snack. Too bad, my kid doesn't like almonds.  But hubby loves it, so we always buy almonds by the kilo.  But I saw this one in Sulit and I felt my heart palpitate because it's only at P650 per kilo!

CRdG/ ACDG Trading: I love you now!

9.  My hubby needs a new ride.  A motorcycle has been very helpful to our family.  It consumes less gasoline, storage is not so big, maintenance is not so costly, (oh well, some say it's not safe, but we try to observe all safety precautions before riding).  And our motorcycle has been serving us for many years already, it is now ready to retire.  

I saw this in Sulit and I think I want to check this out by ALAGAKOITO:

10.  And for my baby: A pair of hammies. He's been begging me to buy him a pair.  We used to have a pair and we gave it to his cousin. Sadly, one died, and the other got away. So he told me, this time, if I buy him a pair of hamsters, he will really take care of them.  But some pet shops offer them at too steep a price, so I found this from Sulit:

Teddy Bear Hamsters for P50.00 each - Like like like!!!

Sulit offers a whole new world of online shopping for you.  This may be your best source for your "must-haves".  For your necessities, Sulit likewise offers a range of products from different trusted sources so that you are assured that you get value for your money at a safe and convenient way.

So this year, start the year right and  choose!  Check out Sulit's Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account for more updates and choices.

What about you, can you give me your ten must-haves for this year?  Include the links of your must-haves and you may get a chance to win P10,000 worth of GCs from Sulit.  But first, kindly like Sulit's FB page, and follow them on Twitter.

In the comment box, include the name of the item and the link of the ad from  Commenters must provide their full name, Facebook profile URL or Twitter ID, plus list of the ten items with the link.

Please follow the requirements.  And who knows, if I win courtesy of Sulit, then you get a chance to win too!


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