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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Books Galore!

I started reading pocketbooks at a late age: 11.  I started with Enid Blyton's books which were all about brownies, pixies, talking dolls and toys, giants, witches, enchanted forests and chairs, and many more. 

I got influenced into reading the more serious novels in my college years at the same time that my Papa was influenced by my Ninang Mamater to read pocketbooks.  Imagine, my Papa would finish a book in one or two days and being the type who likes to collect things, he would buy at least three pocket books in a day.  

Hmm... maybe this is one trait I got from him: the desire to collect and collect things (thus causing them to pile up and be delicious food for the anays!)

So, here's a part of our collection of books:   (I mean part, because this was taken last year, and I don't know how many books have been added to our collection.)

A lot of Stuart Woods here!
This is from my room in my parents' home:

Oops, there's another bookshelf on the side.
I forgot to take a pic of it

The library in my parents' home:

It's so hard to fit inside here

I still haven't included the books in the JaDon house and the books in the LaDon house and the books in the Graben house (about a shelf each).

The JaDon House contains the Harry Potter collection, Willilam Bernhardt Collection, a part of Stuart Woods, PD James, CS Lewis and Stephanie Meyers.

The LaDon House contains the Vince Flynn collection, Lee Child Collection, the Mario Puzo Collection and the Law Books and Reviewers.

The Graben House contains the Steve Martin Collection, Nora Roberts, Judith McNaught, Sidney Sheldon, JRR Tolkien Collection, and Ann Rice Collection.

My siblings and I consider all our books as common property, since we dig almost the same authors. 

Now that we have kids of our own, we noticed that they are into books as well, which is a really nice thing! My nephew already has a collection of avatars comics. My little kid has a collection of story books now. 

Some: Take note: SOME Story books and toys:

They aren't arranged since the boys keep on getting
books for their consumption. 
Ahhh, reading is such as bliss!

My kid on the left, nephew on the right, with his mom-
all engrossed in their books in a coffee shop


Anonymous said...

i absolutely agree! reading is a nice, yummy slice of heaven!

jaja said...

thank you for reading!

jaja said...

and yes, reading is a nice slice of heaven. my papa always tells us to read books as if we're devouring chocolates... because they are almost the same thing, and reading is better for your health than chocolates

Sarah said...

I love reading too. I just hope that my son will also have the same reading habit as I have.

jaja said...

thank you Ms. Sarah. maybe if kids see their parents reading books, they'll get more curious and then realize later that nothing beats the satisfaction of finishing a book from cover to cover