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Monday, April 1, 2013

Goodbye YouTube!?

YouTube is shutting down.

I first learned about YouTube when I worked at ACS in Makati in 2006. I discovered a lot of funny videos there.  This is where I saw Lea Salonga's wedding and how her groom literally shed bucket of tears while singing "Two Words".  This is where I saw that funny Japanese game where the guys played football or soccer (they look the same to me) and wore binoculars strapped to their eyes, with the big lens on the eye, and the supposed to be viewing lens was the one protruding. The effect was hilarious--- guys tried to kick the ball hard only to twist because the ball still far away.

And now, it's saying goodbye... But it won't shut down without finding and awarding the best video.

Who are the top bets? To quote Yahoo:

"Gangnam Style has the same chance of winning as a video with 40 views of a man feeding bread to a duck," YouTube CEO Salar Kamangar pronounced, referring to the viral sensation from Koren pop artist PSY that's now the most-viewed video on the site.

Many expressed shock and disappointment over the planned shutdown, with a revelation that the chosen video will be the only one to be played until 2023 when YouTube is relaunched."

They didn't wait for the axe to fall: because today is APRIL FOOLS!!!

Happy April Fools' Day everyone!!

(Since I can't upload the vid, I'm posting the link here: I hope it's the correct vid. If not, April Fools'!!! hahahah)


Rae said...

This should fool a lot of people considering that google has retired 70 apps since 2011

jaja said...

yeahhhh!!!!!! so true!!!!