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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Banat ni Little Einstein

Little Einstein made banat again!

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On our way from school last Tuesday, while on a taxicab, the little Einstein bombarded me with a lot of questions.  The following are the last few questions before we arrived at Mall of Asia:

1. Sino po ang nag-o-on ng ilaw sa roads?

So I explained about how the lamps have sensors in them which automatically turn on and off depending on the available light.

2. Paano po pag nasira ang bridge, paano po madadaanan yun?

So I told him, if a bridge needs to be repaired, then vehicles would definitely not be allowed to pass by it until the bridge is stable.

At eto ang winner...

3. Mom, saan po galing ang kulangot?


Instead of laughing, I had to explain about the cillia, the mucous and how dirt is trapped inside the nose until they form into a solid mass and how the snot traps the dirt and prevent it from getting inside one's lungs.

Hay, nosebleed.  But see, no matter how innocent his questions are, I am now forced to read on a lot of things, lest my little boy ask more "why's" of the world.

I want to make sure I am able to answer his questions as truthfully and as intelligently as I can, even if oftentimes, I want to roll on the floor, laughing, at how wild his questions are.

While doing my Google review/research, I chanced upon this site which I think would help mommies and daddies explain things to their kids: The questions are interesting and the answers are easy to understand.

Yep, and the snot/booger thingie is explained there too... 

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