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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bookmark with Love

My little boy is starting to love arts and crafts.  He saw a bookmark made by his "kuya's" teacher and he asked him to teach him how to make one.  

I like arts and crafts, but I am not into origami.  I don't even know how to make a paper boat.  But this little guy can make a paper boat already!

The little boy adding some finishing touches

So after many efforts of "pangungulit", the little boy finally made a bookmark. And what's sweet is that he made it for me daw because I love reading books! Awww!! ang sarap maging nanny, nanay pala. So, please don't ask me how it was done.  All I know is that there was a lot of folding that went on (and I heard he asked for a teeny weeny help from Momi G.). Shhhh...secret lang...

My boy and his masterpiece!
There, you insert the page/s that you want to mark.

Slip on/Slip off bookies
This is really nice since bookmarks easily fall off, so the page you are marking can be easily lost. Since this is a slip on, not only will the marked page be safe, but it's easy to find since you easily slip it off.  You can even mark an entire chapter if you want since it would fit inside the bookmark.

My favorite bookmark of my favorite book
See, I don't like it when people who borrow my books don't use bookmarks, but instead fold the edges of the page to mark it.  Grrrr...nakakainis yun, parang nava-violate yung book ko!

The bookmark with a smiley face!
Gawa ng baby ko 'yan!

Kaya, to my little boy, thank you my baby love... I really appreciate the hard work you put into this.  And you might not be able to read this yet, but when you're good at reading na, and much bigger, I'll let you see my blog.


Unknown said...


gawa mo din ako ha!

jaja said...

hehehehee. sasabihin ko!